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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate – The Myths & Truths2021-05-03T16:57:13+00:00

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

The Myths & Truths

Over 3.8 billion people globally use social media platforms to connect, communicate, entertain, and educate. However, there are still many misconceptions about the role and impact of social media in business, which often results in individuals shying away from using this impactful tool. It is important to debunk these myths so users can have a better understanding of the positive impact social media plays in a business’s success. Whether you are a new Realtor® or a well-established agent, social media should be a part of your tool kit. 

Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about social media. 

social media user graph by age group

Myth 1: It’s for the younger generation only

Recent studies show more than half of social media users are eligible home buyers. While Facebook remains the most used platform, especially among the older generation, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are some other critical platforms to use within your marketing strategy. Recently, lifestyle oriented Realtors® have reported getting buyers from TikTok videos as they connect with the right people with a common passion.

Myth 1: It’s for the younger generation only

Recent studies show more than half of social media users are eligible home buyers. While Facebook remains the most used platform, especially among the older generation, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are some other critical platforms to use within your marketing strategy. Recently, lifestyle oriented Realtors® have reported getting buyers from TikTok videos as they connect with the right people with a common passion.

social media user graph by age group
Realtors use of social media is a long term game

Myth 2: Social media campaigns can get me leads right away.

Social media is a long-term investment and just like most things, consistency is key. Through consistent brand showcasing on social platforms, brand awareness can be created, which results in long-term benefits. Some long term benefits include: brand recognition, credibility, loyalty and associations. Whether you are helping your client find their dream home through or selling their current home, Realtors® will benefit from the long-term investment of creating strong brand awareness through social media platforms.

Myth 3: It is expensive

Truth: It doesn’t have to be

The great thing about social media is you can do it on your own! Free tools like Canva or video generators for Instagram stories allow you to create your own content if you don’t want to pay for the assets to be designed. Of course, it requires time and effort dedicated to content creation, audience engagement and tracking your progress, therefore, it requires a time commitment. Paid ads on Social Media is also a fraction compared to newspapers or magazine ads. However, don’t forget to continue with organic engagement with your audience!

Social media returns dividends if executed the right way. In the end, the cost of social media campaigns, whether that be time or money, is less expensive than losing a sale.

Canva graphs for Realtors® on social media
Canva graphs for Realtors® on social media

Myth 3: It is expensive

Truth: It doesn’t have to be

The great thing about social media is you can do it on your own! Free tools like Canva or video generators for Instagram stories allow you to create your own content if you don’t want to pay for the assets to be designed. Of course, it requires time and effort dedicated to content creation, audience engagement and tracking your progress, therefore, it requires a time commitment. Paid ads on Social Media is also a fraction compared to newspapers or magazine ads. However, don’t forget to continue with organic engagement with your audience!

Social media returns dividends if executed the right way. In the end, the cost of social media campaigns, whether that be time or money, is less expensive than losing a sale.

Later business content scheduling for Instagram (Real Estate)

Myth 4: It is time consuming.

Truth: It does take time but there are tools to make it efficient.

As previously mentioned, it takes consistency in order to be successful. However, there are many tools that can help you remain consistent while ensuring you are still being efficient. There are content scheduling tools such as Later that allow you to plan content days, weeks or months in advance. Additionally, these tools are able to generate helpful analytics that let you grow and track your posts. Engaging with your audience is something you can do between appointments, as you wait for your coffee order, or in lieu of TV time – it takes little time but it goes a long way. 

Check out some Instagram Do’s and Don’ts that will help your Instagram content.

Social media is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked in your marketing toolkit. With a bit of planning, this flexible marketing tool allows you to reach your desired audience regardless of their age or your budget. Without social media marketing, you could be missing out on your next opportunity.

Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Realtors2020-09-18T21:17:08+00:00

Instagram Dos and Don’ts

For Real Estate Professionals

Good design, consistency and originality on Instagram posts can help you shine from
all of the other thousands of Real Estate professionals.
Following these key concepts will help you create an impressive feed that will attract possible leads and to keep building a relationship with your followers.

Here is a series of dos and don’ts that will greatly improve your Instagram content’s quality and will ensure you get the best results from your social media efforts:

DON’T just screen-cap things from a phone or desktop and post them

Have you ever looked at a great infographic while scrolling through the news on your phone and wanted to share it with your Instagram following? Screen-capping and then posting greatly compresses the image quality and the image will probably look out of place since there’s no consistency with your branding and your feeds look.

DO – Design your own post using key info and adjust it to your branding

Generating a creative graphic or image with real numbers and percentages is a great asset to consider. You can generate this by yourself or get some help from a graphic designer. A professional will know how to make it stand out while making it look good and educating your viewers. Not only will a custom graphic with your branding guidelines and colours look highly professional and attractive but it will help grow brand awareness of your name and build a reputation.

DON’T write typical salesman captions

Your posts on Instagram can have up to 2,200 characters and up to 30 hashtags.

Depending on the type of presence you want to build on your Instagram, your caption may be as short or as long as you desire. What you don’t want to do is to push a caption making it awkward or too forced. Doing so will push your followers away from wanting to engage with you or your brand. Nobody likes obvious sales or advertisement posts.

The most important recommendation to caption creating is to be yourself!

DO – write a short concise caption that invokes a question, makes a shocking/memorable statement, or is funny – or all of the above if possible!

Anything that initiates engagement with your followers is what you should be aiming for when writing captions for your Instagrams.
What is engagement? A comment. Although likes are good, those are often given without much thought, therefore they don’t have as much weight.

Samples of proper custom social media stories and posts created by Brixwork.  

Contact Us For A Custom Design

DON’T – post at any random time, or just make up hashtags on the spot.

Posting at any time you want may not bring you the results you are after. If you only post at night or in between your appointments, there is a great chance that most of your followers will miss it.

DO – plan your posts ahead of time.

Plan your posts out in a regular cycle, stick to your brand guidelines and use researched and planned out hashtags. Good results take time so make sure you put in the work to get the results you want.

DON’T repost another post just because it’s cool or funny.

When you re-post on your business account things that you normally would on a private and personal profile, it might deter the audience you’re trying to attract. Make sure you know how to separate the two and maintain a professional and on-brand profile on your business account.

This is not to say that a funny post is completely off-limits, however it is important to keep in mind the image you want to give out to potential leads and customers that may follow your Instagram account.

DO – Use your discretion on what to re-post.

If it doesn’t match your branding and you want to post it, have it redesigned to suit you. Consistency on a feed is critical!

Want to schedule your stories & posts ahead of time? 

Use Later

Are you looking to design your own posts?

Try Canva

Need professional help with social media design? 

Contact Us

Digital Dominance for Real Estate Agents in a COVID World2021-01-04T22:31:23+00:00

Digital Dominance for More Listings & Buyers

Intelligent online tools to get more listing presentations, send out more CMAs, and get more buyers!

Now is a better time than ever to get creative, stand out, and use the digital world to your advantage!

Website traffic is up 15 to 20%, and social media engagement has increased by over 60% than normal usage rates since the COVID crisis began. More than ever before, people have become more hesitant to meet up right away. Being active on social media and being prepared with stunning online listing presentations could make all the difference in securing a lead instead of playing phone tag with them for days.

Here are a few key platforms that a real estate agent should have ready to go at any given moment:


A great online introduction can dramatically increase your odds of an in-person meeting with a seller or buyer. Now especially, it’s crucial to have a beautiful online presentation (like a Keynote by Steve Jobs) readily available to entice potential clients. Whatever great presentation booklets you have can be converted to a digital slideshow that can be sent by email or shown during a zoom call!

This is how these digital listing presentations can help :

  • Far more visually engaging than emails/phone calls alone

  • Capture potential clients attention with a digital presentation

  • Keynote/Powerpoint-like performance, but created on Google slides for optimal compatibility on all platforms

  • Increases your odds of an in-person listing presentation and a CMA

*The inner slides are not shown as they are uniquely designed for each client, and is proprietary material that we will not show to competitors.

Digital presentations are amazing additional ways to stand out, showcase your past successes and help get one step closer to securing a client.

The beautiful print booklets we create at Brixwork can be condensed and transposed to a Google Slideshow that can be easily shared to anyone to view online. And whenever they’re ready for an in-person meeting, they can take a look at the sharp print version, along with a CMA.

Digital Listing Presentations for Realtors®!

Contact us to create a digital listing presentation that you’ll be remembered for!

    This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


    With YouTube being the second most used search engine, after Google – YouTube still maintains its status of being one of the best platforms to use to your advantage to gain better traffic to your site.

    YouTube should always be a utilized platform for any real estate agent because:

    Brixwork understands the importance of having attractive media …

    available for your listings, and that’s why our websites support YouTube or Vimeo embedding for every listing!

    How to attach a video to a listing!
    How to attach a Matterport or 360 home tour!

    Another pivotal platform that changes the real estate game in virtual tours is Matterport. Matterport is an easy to use camera system that allows you to create immersive home tours and Brixwork happily offers Matterport enablement to your page, at no extra charge!

    Instagram & Facebook
    Live Videos

    Running virtual open houses and tours on live streams is an amazing way to dramatically increase your brand exposure, on top of promoting the listing itself of course.

    Instagram and Facebook help your real estate social media presence by:

    • Increasing your brand’s awareness on various platforms (the more the better!)

    • Maintaining an active status on social media

    • Providing more content on social media for a better ranking

    Since open houses are a lot less active during this time ..

    Having an active online presence will give your brand exponential exposure to potential clients. Using Instagram and Facebook to run virtual tours, share videos & photos that showcase your listings and your brand can greatly increase the chances of landing a private showing sooner or later.


    The Live video feature tends to be an under utilized feature – but definitely an additional step that should be included in your social media routine – here’s why:

    • Live videos are amazing for interactivity with viewers and you can add others to your Live video (opportunity to collaborate)

    • Viewers can watch, comment, like in real-time during live home tours

    • You can use this as an opportunity to showcase your personality and your brand to potential clients

    • Boosts your discoverability – your followers get notified every time you start a Live video! It’s like a free advertisement!

    • You can save your Instagram Live as a story for 24 hours for those who didn’t watch or want to rewatch (two in one)

    • Facebook Live videos can be downloaded and then uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account, or personal blog if desired

    • Facebook live videos get around 6x more interaction than a non-live video!

    Plan & Prepare To Get The Best Results On Your Live Stream

    Before you go straight to making the most of the Live video feature, it’s important to build some excitement around your Live video! Here are a few ideas for your live stream:

    • New listing announcement with a live listing tour (state the date & time of it!)

    • Real estate Q & A sessions

    • Collaborate with others and create a real estate market update segment

    Stay online and be digital-friendly!

    The ultimate goal in adjusting to a mainly digital world and creating content for newer social media platforms is to get you more visibility to help build your brand! Don’t miss out on these opportunities – reach new audiences by increasing your engagement and connecting to potential clients!

    Tips & tricks for the live stream feature:

    Get Your Branded Holiday Instagram/Facebook Posts Ready!2018-12-20T20:34:19+00:00

    Are you ready for the Holidays?

    We don’t mean gifts — we’re talking about your social media presence.

    It’s that wonderful time of the year again, when we celebrate the great year we’ve had, and get ready to ring in another year that’s going to be even better.

    Are you ready for the Holidays?

    We don’t mean gifts — we’re talking about your social media presence.

    It’s that wonderful time of the year again, when we celebrate the great year we’ve had, and get ready to ring in another year that’s going to be even better.

    Order your Xmas and New Years Post Bundle now!

    Our design team prepared a gorgeous set of posting templates for our real estate agents, for both Christmas and New Year’s Day!

    Well Branded, Well Designed, Well Celebrated!

    • Pick from our beautifully curated options.

    • We will apply your branding for a perfect fit.

    • Ready for your Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.. And more!

    Order Now

    Xmas & New Year’s Option A

    Lettering style over brand-watermarked photo background

    Happy Holidays & New Year’s Option B

    Minimalist with branded fonts

    Order your posting set now (Starting at $48/pair)!

    Get your own set ordered today! Order deadline is December 20th (2018) if you want the graphics in time for Christmas. Please note that custom branded design & graphic work is exclusively available for active subscribers with a real estate website by Brixwork.
    Order Now
    Our Portfolio
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    Increase Realtor® Website Traffic with this Essential Tool2018-10-25T01:19:31+00:00

    Don’t Miss out on Opportunities for Better Website Traffic

    Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google

    • Google owns youtube, and the meta data (descriptions, links etc.) are taken into consideration.
    • A link back to your URL from a youtube video description is taken into consideration as a backlink, selectively.
    • Embedding a relevant Youtube video to your webpage increase the value of your page.

    • Showing all previous home tour videos on one channel serves as a sold-gallery as well to show your tenure & expertise – the sooner you start building, the better.

    • When sharing listings on Facebook, you can share it two ways – if you share the Video link, the video can be played WITHIN the Facebook feed, which is convenient for users. However this doesn’t drive traffic back to your website. Make sure to include a URL to the listing detail page directly within the description so people can click to see more. If people click on the Youtube video to open in a new browser tab, they can still access the listing detail page via the link in the description.

    More Website Traffic by Youtube Channels & Video Descriptions

    With minimal effort, many real estate agents can benefit from a tool they already use on a day-to-day basis – Youtube. Youtube is a great home tour, or neighbourhood guide video platform but it can be used for search engine optimization to drive more relevant traffic to your website, and serve as a gallery to showcase your tenure & expertise.

    A dedicated Youtube channel can also serve as an impressive gallery of your real estate tour videos!

    DJ Denner’s Gallery

    3 Mistakes Realtors Often Make With Youtube Videos

    Many real estate professionals fail to get the most out of their Youtube home tour videos however, and with very little time & effort these can be remedied.

    #1 Mistake – Not having your own Youtube channel!

    Many video tour companies will offer to upload the video on Youtube, and provide you with the link. Sounds great, right? Wrong. The home tour videos are only attributing to the content on their channels, not yours. Every Realtor® should create their own Youtube channel where they start uploading their videos (see Sidra’s impressive Youtube channel full of luxury listing videos in and around White Rock).

    • Serves as an impressive gallery of previous home tour videos to showcase experience.

    • Especially beneficial for higher-end real estate agents to show off great home tour videos!

    • Gives you full control of the video meta description (covered in the next section)

    #2 Mistake – Not providing a link back to the listing detail page on your website

    Did you know you can put a link in your Youtube video descriptions? Putting a link back to the listing detail page on your website is critical for any home tour video. If the video is a general neighbourhood guide or market update, simply link it back to your website only. One way or another, you want to provide a backlink to your website.

    This video by Nest Presales contains a link back to their listings page from their East Vancouver condo listing tour video (since the listing is sold, they linked it to show other active listings) – this is a great example of a backlink.
    Check Out Video

    #3 Mistake – Not using Youtube!!!

    Youtube is owned by Google, and is the second most popular search platform in the world after Google. Please upload your videos on Youtube, not Vimeo.

    Best Practices When Sharing Listing Tour Videos on Facebook

    When real estate agents share listings on Facebook, often we see the Youtube video being shared directly, instead of the listing detail page on the website (which already has the video embedded from Youtube). The advantage of this method is it allows video playback within the Facebook feed itself. However, it’s important to take steps to ensure visitors have a way to see the listing detail page. This not only drives more traffic to your website to encourage more people to be exposed to your branding for a longer period of time, but it also creates more backlinks from social media platforms.

    • After you attach the Youtube video, make sure to copy-paste the listing detail page URL from your own website. This gives the viewers an option to click for more information.

    • If you fixed mistake #2 from above, then even those who click on the video link to open it up on a new browser window/tab can still link back to your website from the video description.

    • This rule applies also to Instagram videos being auto-shared to your Facebook wall – you should edit the description Facebook afterward to include a link to the listing detail page on your website. (notice how Nest Presales links their listing detail page from their Facebook post here)

    The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website, and generate more backlinks to your domain!

    Don’t have time for your own SEO? Do you want to delegate this?

    SEO Services Page
    DIY SEO #1
    DIY SEO #2
    Deep linking for SEO

    3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Property Detail Page2019-06-20T23:07:33+00:00


    With almost 40% of site landings occurring on listing detail pages, the homepage is no longer the only home base


    Our Google™ Analytics data shows that more than a third of visitors land on listing or building detail pages of real estate websites. This means that your property detail page can mean a lot more for your branding! Your homepage is no longer the only first impression of your website – your listing section should be as beautiful as your homepage.

    #1 – It’s Often Your First Impression!

    As mentioned above, if almost 40% of your visitors are seeing the listing/property/building detail page first, this is your storefront in the digital world. Making sure this page looks even better, with your branding fully present, can make a big difference in brand awareness and repeat visits.

    “New visitors spend an average of 2 minutes 31 seconds on site compared with 5 minutes 31 seconds for returning visitors.”

    – From The KissMetrics Blog (8 Important Stats From 18,000 Websites)

    #2 – More Features & Better Google Performance

    More 3D tours, PDF floorplans and other custom features available offer your visitors much more to enjoy, while giving Google much more valuable data to index on your website. This is a far superior investment to creating single-property websites on a case-by-case basis. Boost your image & ranking at the same time!

    #3 – Make Your Clients Even Happier

    Every homeowner loves being featured in the spotlight. Our listing detail page upgrades allow you to showcase your own listings with far better design & photos than the 3rd party listings fed from the MLS® Reciprocity systems. When these pages are shared on Facebook and found on Google, they will look fantastic – making your homeowners even more excited!

    Westlynn, North Vancouver listing by Ali Mahmoudi

    Recommended Upgrades for Listing/Building Detail Pages

    Cinematic Intro

    • Gorgeous first impression with the full-width photo of the property that fills up the screen from the top!

    • Great placement of your brand on top of the lead photo, along with the key navigation features

    • Easy browsing for visitors by presenting the most critical data first

    Even More Media (3D Tours, PDF Floorplans, Videos)

    • More flexibility to add custom home tours from your own sources

    • 360 Home Tours, Matterport and many other tours embeddable

    • Home tour videos via Youtube & Vimeo supported

    • Floorplan and brochures in PDF format can be attached as well

    • Search engines crawl content within PDFs as well, giving you more exposure on Google™

    • Further enhanced for easy mobile photo browsing

    Check Out Our Portfolio

    Contact us for a consult today

    Sign Up
    Contact Us

    Your Brand & Presence Expanded Further

    • More custom designed elements to bolster your own brand

    • Custom-coloured Google™ Maps® to match your colours

    • Agent(s) photo and information repeated for further brand recognition

    • Brokerage websites can have 1, 2 or 3 co-listing agents featured with photos

    Our Listing Detail Pages Are Great Out Of The Box

    All of our stock listing detail pages already come with the following great features:

    • Mobile-responsive design, built-in

    • Standard Google™ Maps® and Streetview®

    • Search-engine optimized URL and Title/Keywords with city/area focus

    • Rental-specific data such as Pets Allowed/Disallowed, Furnished/Unfurnished (for property managers)

    • Social-Share friendly tag structure to maximize your exposure

    Do the drapes match the carpet?

    Did you know you can also upgrade your listing page, so it’s consistent with the great custom visuals on your listing detail pages?
    Why Upgrade Your Listings Gallery Page?
    Custom Website Design
    Branding & Logo Design
    Portfolios & Case Studies

    New Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016 ~ 20172017-10-05T00:06:54+00:00

    Dynamic, changing, morphing and evolving – such is the nature of digital marketing. As a firm entrenched in helping Real Estate Professionals, which is one of the most competitive industries with so many competitors, we are constantly working to improve our service standards and quality. Recently we have re-vamped and re-structured our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as the pricing. Here are some of the key changes in our strategy, followed by what is being kept constant as the past.

    New Changes To Our Real Estate SEO Programs

    We will explain our newer SEO strategies here in the simplest terms possible. We understand that some technical terms can be confusing, and we are happy to answer more of your questions directly should you have any.

    #1 – Blog Articles Now Mandatory For Content-Rich Websites

    “Content is King” is one of those phrases thrown around a lot – and for very good reason, because it is Google’s mandate to deliver relevant & useful content for their search customers. All of our SEO programs now include a specified number of blog articles by default, because on-site content is hands-down the best way to improve the quality score of your website. Blog articles offer a wealth of options to link to other sections of your website (MLS® search results, or individual listings) as well as link out to reliable 3rd party resources to be of more benefit to your customers (such as reputable news articles, service providers or real estate board websites).

    #2 – More Focus on Quality Backlinks Rather than Quantity

    There was a time when most SEO engineers would pick as many online directories, public forums & blogs to plaster the internet with backlinks to their websites. Some went as far as creating automated posting software that would hit bulletin boards worldwide for tens of thousands of backlinks to be generated within a matter of days. Others went for paid links – which mean absolutely nothing to Google in terms of how valuable & relevant the content on a website is. These practices fall more under the black-hat realm of SEO techniques, which we have never used. Back in the days we leveraged many more sources for more backlinks (but we never used, and never will use, black-hat SEO techniques), but we are putting less emphasis on the number of links, and more emphasis on the quality of backlinks. Certain directories and online blogs are valid and legitimate sources where we can acquire reliable backlinks that have meaning.

    #3 – More In-page Content Throughout (not just the blog)

    Outside of the blog, we aim to place more unique text content to describe neighbourhoods, buildings, property types/subtypes in order to boost the actual quantity and quality of the text content throughout your website. When walking a precarious line between clean & minimalist designs VS content-rich pages, our design/development team’s expertise really shines to achieve a balance of both. Our photo galleries for listings/buildings can have detailed descriptions and information, as well as many other sub-sections of our sites.

    To discuss more details: subscribers of Brixwork are welcome to contact us directly from our website or email us at

    [zilla_button url=”” size=”big” target=”_self”]Ask About SEO Now[/zilla_button]


    Things We Have Been Doing That Will Continue Steadily

    Some core elements of our real estate websites that naturally improve your position on Google are steady, solid and rarely-changing because they are based on solid fundamentals, and here are some of the core features or continuous improvements.

    URL Structures, Meta Titles and Descriptions

    Even our MLS® search result pages are very well optimized in its keyword-rich URL structure that well-defines the listing(s). For your own pages, our team (or yourself) have the ability to fully modify the meta titles & descriptions to make it more relevant and easier to read. This has been one of the most core functionalities for all Brixwork websites for years, and will continue to be so.

    Load Speed & Mobile Responsiveness

    Our core software is constantly tweaked and improved to reduce bottlenecks, decrease page load time, as well as show up better on social share results. Some of the notable improvements made throughout 2016 already include (these upgrades help all of our clients, not just those on the SEO packages)

    • Image load time for MLS® Reciprocity listings
    • Thumbnail & mobile generation
    • Code & architecture load time (framework files are minified further)
    • Off-loading between multiple servers

    Server Security & Reputation Management

    Entire servers & IP addresses can be blocked or deemed as spam from 3rd parties. Our code is improved constantly to be more secure & stable, and we vigilantly monitor against hackers and intrusion attacks. We also have a strict policy to leverage professional 3rd party email services such as G-Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) to avoid our own servers being infiltrated with spam or losing reputation due to a 3rd party security breach.

    Things You Can Do To Improve Your Presence On Google

    Apart from what our engineers and content generators can do, there are many other things each Realtor® can do in order to improve their rankings and presence on Google.

    • Ensure that your social media profiles (Instagram, LinkedIn) have links to your website included.
    • Share sections of your website (generate a specific property search in neighbourhoods) and copy-paste to share those results on your website.
    • Find cool listings on your own website (whether your own listings, or MLS® Reciprocity driven) and share on your social media.
    • Customize your own property listing descriptions with headings & longer paragraphs (above and beyond what the MLS® system allows you to)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: The SEO Package prices have increased a lot! Why is that?

    A: SEO is a relative game, and the amount of time & effort put into generating content on websites has significantly increased across the board among all competitors. Therefore we need to put in more than double the effort for our SEO campaigns to be effective. Think of the average time of Olympic sprinters decreasing each decade – the standards always go up as a whole. Our pricing is competitive and in-line with other competitors in the SEO industry.

    Q: How long does it take to rank well for specific keywords? And are there guarantees? 

    A: Any properly run SEO campaign actually cannot make solid guarantees, as it is all relative to what the competitors are doing. That being said, traffic increases can be detected as early as 2 months, and up to 1 year may be required to really have impact on the bigger keywords. The bigger the keywords, the more competitive it is.

    Q: It says that blog articles are now mandatory as part of our SEO campaigns. What if I do not have a blog? 

    A: Since SEO is a longer term commitment, with a 3+ month commitment we will install a basic blog for your website at no additional cost.

    3 Stand-Out Instagram Posts for Real Estate Agents2018-12-17T21:32:52+00:00

    Instagram is extremely popular as the second most used social media platform after Facebook (it is also owned by Facebook) and its instantaneous mobile reach to your audience is incredibly valuable.

    To Help Our Realtors Capitalize On Instagram & Facebook

    We’ve all seen the “Happy Holidays” or similar postings throughout Instagram, but many of them are poorly designed, or regurgitated from an meme-creation website, and it lacks the finesse you deserve. This year we are introducing our own line of pre-designed holiday postings to be fully branded to your own specs (limited to Brixwork subscribers only – if you wish to sign up with us, click here).

    Branded Holiday Instagram Postings For Real Estate Agents

    We have thoughtfully pre-designed some Instagram post images that can be altered to quickly fit into your brand and business. To avoid too many duplicate copies, we are limiting these for use of Brixwork clients only, and no other entities are permitted to use these custom designed elements without written permission from Brixwork.

    Order Now

    Halloween Posting (Oct 31st)

    Halloween Instagram Posting

    Castles, Cats & Bats

    Simple, yet striking contrasts to pop out from the queue of Instagram posts this Halloween can be yours!

    Customization Offered: Placement of your branding. Halloween colours are set & finalized. 1 Draft, 1 Revisions offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate.
    Cost: $58




    Thanksgiving Meme (Oct 10th in Canada, Nov 24th in USA)

    Instagram Photo For Thanksgiving - Realtors

    Word Art!

    The ever-so-popular, attention grabbing, witty & crafty word-art meme, custom designed by Brixwork! They are very popular on Social Media. This can be quickly customized to your branding. Note that the order deadline for Canadian Thanksgiving is already over (October), and we are providing this for our US customers.

    Customization Offered: The background colour, text colour, and the business name at the bottom. Note that we did not include any room for a logo on this one – your logo emblem will be visible above the image with your username clearly on Instagram however. 1 Draft, 1 Revision offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate.
    Cost: $58


    Christmas Posting (Dec 25th)

    Xmas Instagram Posting Option A for RealtorsXmas Instagram Posting Option B For RealtorsSimple, yet striking contrasts to pop out from the queue of Instagram posts this Halloween can be yours!

    Customization Offered: The colours adjusted to your brand, and placement of your branding. While we used black & white to simplify, feel free to get colourful on this one! 1 Draft, 1 Revision offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate. 
    Cost: $88



    New Year & Chinese New Year Postings

    Coming Soon from our design team!

    To Order Your Own Instagram Postings click on the link below to fill out the form, or email us directly at!

    Order Now

    Why Instagram?

    Instagram is one of our most recommended methodologies for our real estate agents for better social media brand awareness because:

    • The sporadic nature of access (no bloat – purely images/videos). More people quickly check their Instagram feeds between tasks, while in line, during lunch, etc.
    • The visual nature of it (more focus on photos rather than its descriptions) means it’s better for branding propagation.
    • Easier to be discovered – the Explore feature on Instagram is more often used by people to find fresh new media, giving you more exposure even to those you are not connected to (yet). This is the stark difference between Instagram and Facebook, as Facebook posts are available to those who have you as a Friend already (unless you run a paid/sponsored ad).
    • Easy to share to Your Website & Facebook – Our in-house developed Instagram widget automatically posts all of your Instagram photos directly on your website. You can view a demo on Nick Neacsu (West Vancouver Realtor®). As you post your pictures on Instagram, you can immediately share it to Facebook & Twitter as well. Time saved is time earned.
    • The user base is still on the climb, meaning the potentials are even greater. Since the introduction of Instagram stories, many users are expected to ditch Snapchat and use Instagram even more!

    Social Media Is About Consistency

    Constantly being noticed is what Instagram, Facebook and other similar online outlets do for you, and social media marketing is a long-term game of brand recognition rather than immediate advertisement.


    “Through this post I should get a lead. If not, it’s ineffective.”

    The Truth:

    “Let people know who I am, what I do, and how much I love doing it, and be remembered as the go-to person for real estate.”

    Google Traffic Spike for Real Estate Agents After Switching2013-05-16T00:28:44+00:00

    One of the greatest selling point that BRIXWORK Real Estate Websites has is its strong search engine optimized core. With advanced URL schemes, proper headers & text placement, clean structures and tagged images, we boast some of the best SEO results in and out of town. Recently we have converted some new clients from our competitors and we did some site search traffic analysis on those sites before and after the new BRIXWORK site was launched, and the results were impressive.

    In the past 2 years, we have only lost one client back to a competitor after a transition (and even that was due to a mis-understanding of some sort between the partners etc.). The remainder of the new converts have remained loyal with us in the wake of solid leads from search engines and other sources.

    Jamie MacDougall

    4,500 impressions -> 10,000 impressions per month, with nearly 3X click-throughs

    Jamie’s former website was hosted by one of the larger competitors who boast a lot of volume – and Jamie converted to BRIXWORK in September 2012. His search query exposure & traffic saw tremendous increase since then, and more than half a year later he’s sitting on more than 2X impressions, and nearly 3X clicks from Google Searches (according to Google™ Webmaster Tools).

    Real Estate Website Traffic Increase SEO Results

    Jamie’s impressions went from 4.500 to 10,000 on average. Clicks improved to over 700.

    Jamie’s website contains some significant search engine optimization work, such as listing pages pre-defined from the MLS® feed. You can easily browse Vancouver Westside Real Estate, West Vancouver Real Estate, and North Vancouver Real Estate. You can also quickly narrow down to condos & townhomes in Downtown Vancouver as well.


    Harvey Kardos

    Steep Increase in Traffic within 2 weeks of new website launch

    Harvey’s previous website was littered with flash animation blocks (which are terrible for Google performance) with no significant search engine optimization done. The following graph compares the month before and month after the launch. The blue lines rising says it all! Harvey has a good inventory of West Vancouver real estate for sale.

    Harvey Kardos Traffic

    Visits soared from 41/mth to 1,930/mth, with pages-per-visit increase of 29%.


    Haya Halabi

    Immediate spike in Google impressions & clicks

    Haya reached out to us all the way from Burlington Ontario, looking to improve her website. The previous website was managed by a competitor in Ontario. After the switch to BRIXWORK, her search engine exposure & traffic saw an immediate and significant improvement. This is our most recent conversion launch, and we are excited to see more statistics come out of this. With the Burlington MLS® System fully integrated, as well as the Burlington Community well portrayed, we are anticipating great long-term results from this website.

    Quickest re-index of pages we have seen in a while by Google!

    Quickest re-index of pages we have seen in a while by Google!

    April 30, 2021

    Brixwork Version 4.574 For Better Analytics

    Our clients deserve the best, which is why we are consistently upgrading and improving our software. Better analytics, faster image load speed, and much more!

    Written By Jessica Hussey | Company Updates, Features & Development

    April 30, 2021

    British Columbia Realtor® Website Showcase

    We work with Realtors® all over B.C to look their best online. Check out how we ensue each unique Realtor® is given the presence they deserve.

    Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Marketing & Promotion, Social Media & Marketing

    March 25, 2021

    Project Marketing For Presales Showcase

    At Brixwork, we work with developers of all project scales to develop a detailed marketing plan top to bottom to give your project the presence it deserves.

    Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Marketing & Promotion, Social Media & Marketing

    May 27, 2021

    We Are Hiring – Entry Level Front-End Coder / Tech Support!

    If you like creating beautiful things online, and would like to work in a dynamic team, and learn new skills in this industry, this job is for you.

    Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

    January 19, 2021

    Century 21 Agents & Brokerages Website Design Showcase

    Brand compliance doesn't mean you cannot stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these gems for Century 21 brokerages & agents across Canada!

    Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients

    October 29, 2020

    3 Benefits of Having Community Guide Pages on your Website

    Custom content pages are a gold-mine for Google™ and even better you can curate the pages to your audience and entice readers to stay longer. Take a peek at what the 3 key benefits of community pages are.

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion

    November 12, 2020

    Hiring – Production Line Graphic Designer

    Join our team to create beautiful visuals in one of the most active niches in Canada - marketing real estate. We are a boutique firm with in-house design only.

    Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

    September 18, 2020

    Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Realtors

    Good design, consistency and originality on Instagram posts will help you create an impressive feed that will outshine all of the other thousands of Real Estate professionals. Check out the do's and don'ts for Instagram!

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing, Technology & Trends

    July 15, 2020

    Digital Dominance for Real Estate Agents in a COVID World

    Modern business requires modern tools. Here are a list of critical cloud software & apps that every real estate professional can use to increase efficiency & close more deals.

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing, Technology & Trends

    April 14, 2020

    Ways To Increase Online Presence & Brand Awareness for Real Estate

    There is increased online presence & brand awareness for real estate during COVID-19 crisis. Check out great ways to increase your website engagement here!

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing

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