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Better Real Estate Websites Start With Better Software – 2021 Upgrades on Brixwork2022-05-03T04:29:20+00:00

Real estate website demo with HoodQ, instagram widget and Google Maps on Listings

Featuring A Bespoke Website for Jason Jennings (Sotheby’s) with the HoodQ widget and a native Instagram feed upgrade

Better Core, Better Functions, Better Real Estate Website Performance Achieved throughout 2021

The entire real estate industry had to adapt, shuffle & grow to continue serving the public in one of the most essential services. The COVID19 pandemic has made online presence more important than ever for our clients, and we’ve made many improvements to our real estate website system for better results. 

Since March 2020, The Brixwork creative squad moved quickly to pivot and offer even more digital/web based branding & marketing support, such as:

  • Digitized listing/buyers presentations on Google Slideshow
  • Better designed Canva/Mailchimp templates to give our Realtors® autonomy and agility in their online marketing.
  • Higher-grade storytelling web designs, and more uniquely branded/styled custom websites for an even bigger impact online.
  • Increasing range of options & modules available on our websites to bring even better online presence for our real estate professionals.

. . .

Functionality Upgrades, Bug Fixes & New Features on the Brixwork Website System

Our real estate specific website architecture with real estate specific features is, of course, one of our utmost priorities to continue improving. Here are just a few of the most notable improvements made throughout 2021, further to the numerous website system upgrades we completed throughout 2020:

January, 2021
  • Improvements to Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics code management, and resolve redundancies for better website traffic information.
February, 2021
  • Commercial MLS® integration enabled for Penticton CREA DDF.
  • Lead email dispatch module upgraded once again with Sendgrid’s API for better delivery & security.
March , 2021
April , 2021
  • KADREA (Kamloops MLS® feed) feed improvements for better bedrooms & den handling. 
  • Bedrooms & Den display functions upgraded throughout, inspired by the bug fix on Kamloops MLS® feed.
May, 2021
  • Condo/Penthouse/Loft filters improved on Vancouver/Fraser Valley/Chilliwack MLS® Reciprocity for more concise MLS® searches. 
June, 2021
  • TikTok icons enabled (only for websites built at this point & forward, please email support for upgrading older websites to include this social media link on your real estate websites)
July, 2021
  • Cloudfront (AWS module for blazing fast photo loads) load modules updated to reduce/eliminate blockage at browsers with sensitive security settings.
August, 2021
  • MLS® photo fetch modules upgraded to streamline better across multiple MLS® Reciprocity and CREA DDF feeds.
September, 2021
  • Reciprocity data exchange module replaced & upgraded for all MLS® zones for faster & more concise data exchange (IDX) as well as easier maintenance for our engineers. 
  • Email dispatch module’s cc/bcc bugs fixed to account for user error of entering redundant email addresses. 
October, 2021
  •  URL bugs for trailing slashes fixed, and photo extension bug (.jpg VS .jpeg) fixed for improved usability. 
November, 2021
  • Polygon based MLS® listing filter system created. Useful for searching listings by any geographic boundary such as School Catchments, proximity to major facilities and more.
  • Merged Kelowna BC and Penticton BC MLS® feed (CREA DDF based) to one feed as the boards merged their listings, enabling Realtors® in each zone to show listings from each other’s areas. 
December, 2021
  • Commercial listing entry functions dramatically improved – Lease rates (base rent & additional rent) entry & calculation, zoning/occupancy entry re-designed.

To Learn More About Real Estate Website Systems and How To Choose What’s Right For You

Here are some handy pages to help you choose the best solution for you. 

Websites Designed Just For You, And As Unique As You Are!

We are industry leaders at delivering bespoke, fully branded, custom designed websites for those who want a unique & specific presence – check out our custom websites services, made possible by our flexible & real estate specific software. 

You Deserve Better Than a WordPress Website

If you don’t have the time/patience to wrestle with website editing tools, learn how Brixwork differs from WordPress when it comes to real estate websites. Websites that look better, and take less time to manage listings/photos/floorplans on, is what our premium real estate clients are looking for. 

Presale/Project Marketing is A Breeze (and a Beauty) on Brixwork

We design some of the best boutique presale marketing websites on our real estate only platform. Our boutique branding & print design services, as well as showroom/signage design, puts your new communities in the A-league.

Jeff Kee & The Development Team

Brixwork Version 4.4 Launching With Speed & Function updates2018-04-19T05:54:27+00:00

Faster Page Content Load Mechanism!

Major speed & load mechanism upgrades, auto-add to Mailchimp lists, and some user interface upgrades to make your website function better & easier to use!

More Speed Upgrades (Up to 3X)

Over the years our page content system was upgraded significantly to offer more functionalities – custom fields, attached main images & PDFs, excerpts, custom meta titles/descriptions and more! These processes tend to tack on top of each other as we build, and it was time for a major overhaul.

Without affecting front-end functionality, we managed to re-arrange the system so that the data retrieval takes a fraction of the time & effort it used to. This means your websites load faster (our testing showed as little as 1/3 of the time to load) while reducing the load on the server to decrease lags during peak traffic times. A big shout-out to the Neacsu Denner Team (Luxury West Vancouver Real Estate Specialists) for working with us to provide feedback on these speed improvements!

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is our recommended email marketing system for newsletters & listing updates. The Brixwork core has been upgraded so that you can enter your Mailchimp account API key to allow automatic addition of emails from any contact form trigger. Thank you to Colin & Lynn at Nest Presales (Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam Presale Specialists) for inspiring and providing feedback for this upgrade!

To utilize this feature, your contact forms must indicate that ongoing promotional/marketing emails will be sent to the recipient. Some of our newer websites have been built with this feature in mind. For older websites built before 2018-04, you may need to invest into some minor re-design or re-arrangement of the pages before enabling this feature.

Ensuring you remain within the CASL legislation’s boundaries is 100% your responsibility as the business owner, and Brixwork does not assume responsibility to any penalties/damages caused by enabling this feature before you consult the CASL regulations or your lawyer/managing broker/real estate council.

User Interface Upgrades

While some of these upgrades were already rolled out ahead of time, the listings & buildings screens have been updated on the back-end. . Our real estate websites aim to help you get the update done faster & easier, and we continue to research ways to help our Realtors® save time.

  • Slimmer rows for each home/building- this made scanning through a long list easier, as well as quicker drag & drop to re-order items
  • Fixed a glitch in the photo gallery upload module where the photos didn’t always upload in the order in which it displays on your computer when you drag & drop multiple photos.

A big thank you to Kylie Waters of the Rockel Group (Vancouver Westside and Eastside Luxury Marketing Specialists) for catching the photo bug and helping us test the successful fix!

MICRO UPDATE – Further Tweaks for 4.404

As our overall network traffic (measured by bandwidth) increased over 20% in March & April compared to the previous 4+ months. This traffic increase was attributed to:

  • Increase in the real estate market in general
  • Some of our top traffic sites had even bigger improvement in visitors
  • Some of our SEO campaigned realtor websites have seen as much as 300%+
  • Our team is building & deploying lots of new websites!

We noticed some other lags and some bursts of slow times when Google (and other) bots would crawl through our websites in mass. In the micro version update 4.404 released on April 18th, we introduced more measures to speed up thumbnail feeding on photo galleries, which was taking a significant amount of resources, and saw double-digit drops in server utility load.

What this means in simpler terms – we found more engineering finesse to help our sites load faster with less burden on the servers, so that traffic spikes & popularity spikes do not affect our network as much. Our testing shows that the impact of such spikes was barely noticeable after this upgrade.

Future Upgrade Roadmap

Better buildings & listings filtering

In the coming development sessions, we aim to make our listings & buildings pages on the back-end more user friendly by enabling filtering the items by name/street and/or status to make it faster & easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Many of our clients are high-volume, high-performing real estate agents – we are accommodating our back-end structure to ensure we keep up with the top-performers!

Listings Browse History Tracking

For any leads who enter their email addresses into your contact forms, you will be able to see which properties and which MLS® search filters the visitor used before entering their information. This will allow you to more effectively help these new clients out based on their desires & requirements.

Brixwork Version 3.9.6 Releasing Tonight2014-06-03T21:13:22+00:00

We are rolling out an update to the Brixwork core system later tonight, version 3.9.6, which includes numerous improvements, bug fixes as well as improvements in the MLS® search functionalities. This round of updates have a heavy focus on functionalities on the internal side, as well as improving our MLS® listings filtering function which will lead to better targeted SEO results on Google™.

MLS® Search Function Improvements
  • Added function to allow for minimum bedrooms, and fixed bedroom numbers. Traditionally users were only able to use 1+, or 2+ bedrooms for minimum settings. Now we are able to provide solid “1 Bedroom Condos in Vancouver” or similar results.
  • Able to search listings by listed date (custom function that is setup on a site-by-site basis, not a default function on search yet).
Some bug fixes:
  • Page deletion mechanism fixed to avoid empty instance running
  • Lot size and Frontage size calculation was off for REBGV data (they changed the unit increments).
  • Home retrieval function returns boolean on lack of property ID in database (useful for coders to determine whether home exists or not by simply returning the boolean)
  • Semi-transparent image rendering improved on Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome
  • Condo storeys class added, previously only accessible through the data array ($home->story, the database was set up without the “e” so we have to live with the minor typo, as we cannot overhaul all existing sites).
Feature Improvements:
  • Lead forms are able to send to multiple emails in an array (useful for partnerships or groups)
  • URL fix for Facebook shares when Facebook converts space/semicolon characters to ASCII
  • Google Analytics code update to enable demographic data scraping.
  • Default gallery image size increased to 2400 pixels in light of larger monitors becoming standard (existing sites may need manual adjustment).
  • Added default animate-fade-in elements that can be easily applied for a smoother & more interactive user experience.

Future Updates Planned

Here at Brixwork we are committed to continuously upgrade our system and software to keep up with the demand of changing technology. Here’s more items we have on the roadmap:

  • Hourly sync of same-day listings only
  • Instagram feed into your websites
  • User interface changes throughout
Version 3.8.7 Released with User Interface Refinements2017-10-10T23:26:20+00:00

This is our first software upgrade across the BRIXWORK system in Q2 of 2013, and here’s what’s been improved. This upgrade focused mostly on the user interface in the back-end of your BRIXWORK Real Estate Website platform.

Accidentally Leaving Page During Editing

Some clients experienced issues when editing a property or a page, they would accidentally go back a step, or leave the page in some other way. This posed the problem of losing unsaved edits. We improved our system by implementing scripts that prevent the user from accidentally leaving the page. Unless the system is prompted to switch you to another page, or you click the SUBMIT button at the bottom, you’ll be given a prompt that asks you if you’re sure you want to leave the current page.

If you hit the backspace button, or another link by mistake, this pops up to ensure you intended the action.

If you hit the backspace button, or another link by mistake, this pops up to ensure you intended the action.

This functionality is currently available on the Homes edit page, as well as Pages edit page. We will be rolling this out for the Buildings/Resources sections in the weeks to come.

Identical City/Subarea Display Fixed

As we are expanding our MLS® Reciprocity integration to other cities across Canada & USA (new updated list coming soon), we noticed that some smaller areas have the same City/Subarea name. When this happens, we had some awkward displays on the website where it would say “Burlington, Burlington” for example. To mitigate this, we updated our codebase so that if the names are an identical match, it truncates it into just “Burlington”.

MLS® Listing to Own Listing Conversion Photo Glitch

When converting an MLS® reciprocity database listing to your “OWN” listing, some clients in different jurisdictions other than Vancouver had issues where the photos won’t come in. We’ve fixed that issue, and positively tested the photos flowing into the local website when this conversion happens.

Multiple Office Locations Supported

Some brokerages have multiple Office IDs assigned from the board. Many clients started asking for an “Office Listings” page that displays listings within the brokerage only. To address clients who wish to display listings from all branches of a brokerage, we’ve updated our listing retrieval module to allow multiple Office IDs. If you wish to expand your “Office Listings” parameters to include other branches within your brokerage, please submit a support ticket with the office codes and we’ll handle it.

Lead Forms On Websites Updated

The email forms on your websites (on your listing display pages as well as contact & other pages) have been universally updated. Since we switched our email routing to a much more secure channel to avoid your leads ending up in spam, the delay has increased by a few seconds. To mitigate this, we have included a pop up that shows a progress bar indicating that the work is in progress. While this is a very minor change in the user interface, it has a great impact on keeping the users engaged to your website.

Rental Modules

You will notice a new “Rental” tab when editing a home. While this feature is enabled on the back-end on a beta mode, it takes extra installation labour to make it happen on the front-end. We will be offering setup of Rental sections on our clients’ websites upon request, and with a nominal set-up fee. This feature is still in beta mode. You are welcome to enter things and fiddle around with it, but it won’t show the rental only features on your website.


Changes to Our Rates in 2013 Q2 and Upgrades2013-02-20T08:40:45+00:00

2012 has been a monumental year for us with the largest growth in client base ever. We are thrilled to continue to serve some of the best real estate agents with our boutique website services. We have welcomed many new clients from different brokerages and cities. We have added support for Kamloops & Whistler BC’s listing reciprocity systems, and recently started work on Burlington/Hamilton Ontario!

There are some significant changes coming up to our services and rates. As our products are becoming more sophisticated, and our offerings diversified further, we do feel the need to increase our prices on some parts. We are also now offering more services.

Custom Design Labour Rate Change

Effective April 1st, 2013

Currently our custom design labour cost is $75/hr. This is set to increase to $80/hr, billed by minimum half hour increments. This applies to:

  • Modifying layout of website
  • Adding custom icons or graphics
  • Or any other significant changes to website that requires labour from our design team
  • Modifying custom set slideshows
  • Layout of print-media (business cards, newspaper ads, listing sheets etc.)
  • Anything else that falls outside the scope of regular maintenance and tech support

This new labour pricing also applies to custom website design quotations. We quote for our custom designed websites on an hours-estimation method, so this will affect the pricing of new custom design websites that we build.

There will be no changes to monthly subscription fees, however! 

SEO, Social Media & Content Writing Services Launching Soon

There was a significant demand for more dedicated search engine optimization work as well as content writing. We have put together some SEO & writing packages, and will be releasing the offer sheets soon. In fact, our SEO & Social media packages are already published on our website.

3.7.4 Allows Featured City/Areas, Buildings and More2012-06-05T15:02:25+00:00

It seems we’re updating at a breakneck speed, but that’s what it takes to stay on top I guess. Version 3.7.4 was rolled out overnight to offer you features to help you better focus your niche area in the city as a Realtor®. This is especially important for customers subscribed to the MLS® Reciprocity integration feature, because our system will have to pull in all the areas listed under the system.

Featured Areas & Sub-Areas

Featured Real Estate Areas Help Niche For Realtors

You can set certain cities & areas as "Featured"


Combining PDFs Online For A Comprehensive Presentation2012-04-01T18:19:35+00:00

Recently one of our Realtors® asked us an interesting question – how do I combine multiple PDF documents into one neat PDF? There are times when you want to combine your introduction letter, the marketing plans, an assessment, your brochures, newspaper ad template etc. into one chunk – whether it’s for acquiring that new listing, or to send reports of an open house, or really any other purpose, this can be an easy way to send documents to your clients without attaching too many PDFs into one. Less files: less confusion, and easier file management!

So, how do we achieve this? There are many ways, but let’s look at the most accessible ways first.

Convert PDFs online

This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this. There are many sites you can use:

  1. – it provides the service free for up to 15MBs, which should be plenty for most situations. When using this one, ignore the red “Download Now” button (unless you want to pay for a desktop software to install, which is not what we recommend).
  2. – Up to 10 PDF files, maximum 80MBs means a larger limit. The upload/download speed on this website was much better than the one above. So far ILovePDF is the winner on our books!

Use a Desktop Software

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful PDF management software for Mac & Windows

Frankly we do not recommend this – more and more software is going in the direction of web-based services, and cluttering your computer with more programs is not necessary. That being said, when we combine PDFs in-house, we use Adobe Acrobat Pro – it’s not a free software, but it is extremely powerful. The functionalities go way beyond simply combining PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Pro allows you to:

  1. Create PDF forms that can collect data
  2. Include multimedia (pictures, videos) from multiple sources into the PDF
  3. Sign PDFs
  4. And more!

Acrobat Pro is available for both Windows and Mac OSX. However, the price tag is not exactly low.

Another open-source (free) option is PDF Rider – it appears to be only for Windows at this point. You can read a review of PDF Rider by Addictive Tips.

March 31, 2022

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Hiring – A Content Curator & Social Media Manager Position

Do you enjoy writing and communicating? Are you able to learn new software & tools quickly? Do you want to be part of the growing digital media & marketing industry? Are you comfortable with leveraging social media reach? Do you want to work hard, learn fast, and have fun? Check out our latest job opening.

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We Are Hiring – Entry Level Front-End Coder / Tech Support!

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