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Open House & Buildings/Presales Search Overhauls on Version 4.452020-09-21T19:27:09+00:00

Our System Evolves With The Real Estate Market

This round of upgrades showcase major focus on helping buyers’ find suitable listings easier on our clients’ websites. Software upgrades are more than just functionality – it’s about being mindful of what our clients’ needs are as they shift.

Our last major upgrade to finalize our move to the AWS cloud has springboarded us for even more enhancements to the Brixwork system, and version 4.45 packs some amazing new features to help our real estate pros gain more business.

. . .

More Buyers’ Activity, especially in Vancouver & GVRD

2018 – Over the summer, and into September, we’ve observed that the number of transactions plunged by roughly 40% across Metro Vancouver compared to previous years. While market conditions are out of our control (as well as our top-notch real estate agents), how we respond to such changes is what defines the winners and losers in the changing real estate market.

The most critical upgrades in version 4.45 revolve around catering to buyers’ ease of search.

Open House Search Module Added with Share-Friendly URLs

You can narrow your MLS® search results to listings with open houses coming up! This has been added to the Fairview template, and the Main Street template is next. Better yet, the URL is modified so that sharing the live search results on social media or by email is simple and easy for all parties, and Google can pick up the …/openhouse/city-… portion in the URL along with the city & neighbourhoods for better search engine performance.

This sample page of Kerrisdale listings with an open house this coming weekend (November 3 & 4) demonstrates this new functionality. Try sharing this page on Facebook, and see how well the title & preview image of a sample home in Kerrisdale show up!

Open House Search Module Added with Share-Friendly URLs

You can narrow your MLS® search results to listings with open houses coming up! This has been added to the Fairview template, and the Main Street template is next. Better yet, the URL is modified so that sharing the live search results on social media or by email is simple and easy for all parties, and Google can pick up the …/openhouse/city-… portion in the URL along with the city & neighbourhoods for better search engine performance.

This sample page of Kerrisdale listings with an open house this coming weekend (November 3 & 4) demonstrates this new functionality. Try sharing this page on Facebook, and see how well the title & preview image of a sample home in Kerrisdale show up!

Try it yourself

This sample page of Kerrisdale listings with an open house this coming weekend (November 3 & 4) demonstrates this new functionality. Try sharing this page on Facebook, and see how well the title & preview image of a sample home in Kerrisdale show up!

try it yourself

Faster & More Agile Presales & Buildings Search Module

The deep-level engineering upgrades on our presales & buildings Google Maps™ Search module is quite incredible – we’ll save you the nerdy talk and summarize the new features:

  • Faster loading time when switching pages, or zooming in/out.

  • Better cluster handling where the results are dense – this happens often in dense city cores such as Vancouver West and Downtown Presale Searches

  • Better mobile search form with slide-out function
  • Improved scrolling and tapping functions on mobile devices

Nest Presale Search Module

Nest Presale Search Module

Sharing MLS Searches on Facebook Never Looked Better

When sharing MLS® search results of all varieties, the main image used to share can make or break the # of clicks that you induce. We fixed some bugs that made this behaviour inconsistent (would fall back to the logo occasionally) and also upgraded the system to look for 2nd and 3rd listing’s photos if the 1st listing doesn’t have a photo yet (which is often the case when brand new MLS® search results are shared).

Other Technical Updates In The Core (inside the Matrix)

Working with Paragon & REBGV IDX feed issues & upgrades

A recent change in metadata from the Paragon MLS® IDX system caused issues not only for Brixwork’s integration but with several other providers. Our coding team worked with the real estate board technicians to help iron this issue out not just for us, but for the entire system.

Other User Interface & Social Media Display Upgrades

During these troubleshooting steps we took measures to perform some more upgrades:

  • Improved open house integration for quicker updates of dates & times – essential for more accurate and up-to-date data for our new MLS® search form upgrades to include open house filters

  • Homes list (on the Admin section) update to easily show which listings have video tours, or PDF feature sheets/floorplans attached

  • Better default image & title for MLS® search result page open graph tags for image feed – if the first MLS® result does not show a picture yet, it falls back to listing #2 or #3 on the list to make the Facebook share results look better & detailed.

Upcoming Upgrade Plans For Brixwork In Winter of 2018

More frequent MLS® Listings Sync

On our new and improved hardware (AWS Cloud) and software (better & faster mechanisms) we are starting to roll out more frequent MLS sync for select regions, starting with Vancouver.

  • Customers can see more new listings faster – increase frequency of visit.

  • Google will crawl your new listing pages even more frequently.

  • Improves your overall chances of showing up for new listing address/street/neighbourhood searches

  • Improves your existing social media URL share or SEO campaigns

  • To leverage these benefits, please read our DIY SEO tutorials for real estate agents part 2!

Further Vimeo integrations

On our newly built templates, we are improving our handling of videos from the core. While we still recommend Youtube videos for listing tour videos for SEO reasons, Vimeo offers better visual display as far as background videos or other decorative elements go, and aligns with our principle of “Looking good matters.”

Want to make the most of your MLS® Listings?

Our SEO campaigns have brought in measurable & significant results! Our team can make great use of your upgraded search modules, along with other existing functionalities that the Brixwork platform has to offer. Please check out our SEO services for real estate websites to learn more about how we can bring more leads for you.

Our SEO Services

Brixwork Version 4.4 Launching With Speed & Function updates2018-04-19T05:54:27+00:00

Faster Page Content Load Mechanism!

Major speed & load mechanism upgrades, auto-add to Mailchimp lists, and some user interface upgrades to make your website function better & easier to use!

More Speed Upgrades (Up to 3X)

Over the years our page content system was upgraded significantly to offer more functionalities – custom fields, attached main images & PDFs, excerpts, custom meta titles/descriptions and more! These processes tend to tack on top of each other as we build, and it was time for a major overhaul.

Without affecting front-end functionality, we managed to re-arrange the system so that the data retrieval takes a fraction of the time & effort it used to. This means your websites load faster (our testing showed as little as 1/3 of the time to load) while reducing the load on the server to decrease lags during peak traffic times. A big shout-out to the Neacsu Denner Team (Luxury West Vancouver Real Estate Specialists) for working with us to provide feedback on these speed improvements!

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is our recommended email marketing system for newsletters & listing updates. The Brixwork core has been upgraded so that you can enter your Mailchimp account API key to allow automatic addition of emails from any contact form trigger. Thank you to Colin & Lynn at Nest Presales (Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam Presale Specialists) for inspiring and providing feedback for this upgrade!

To utilize this feature, your contact forms must indicate that ongoing promotional/marketing emails will be sent to the recipient. Some of our newer websites have been built with this feature in mind. For older websites built before 2018-04, you may need to invest into some minor re-design or re-arrangement of the pages before enabling this feature.

Ensuring you remain within the CASL legislation’s boundaries is 100% your responsibility as the business owner, and Brixwork does not assume responsibility to any penalties/damages caused by enabling this feature before you consult the CASL regulations or your lawyer/managing broker/real estate council.

User Interface Upgrades

While some of these upgrades were already rolled out ahead of time, the listings & buildings screens have been updated on the back-end. . Our real estate websites aim to help you get the update done faster & easier, and we continue to research ways to help our Realtors® save time.

  • Slimmer rows for each home/building- this made scanning through a long list easier, as well as quicker drag & drop to re-order items
  • Fixed a glitch in the photo gallery upload module where the photos didn’t always upload in the order in which it displays on your computer when you drag & drop multiple photos.

A big thank you to Kylie Waters of the Rockel Group (Vancouver Westside and Eastside Luxury Marketing Specialists) for catching the photo bug and helping us test the successful fix!

MICRO UPDATE – Further Tweaks for 4.404

As our overall network traffic (measured by bandwidth) increased over 20% in March & April compared to the previous 4+ months. This traffic increase was attributed to:

  • Increase in the real estate market in general
  • Some of our top traffic sites had even bigger improvement in visitors
  • Some of our SEO campaigned realtor websites have seen as much as 300%+
  • Our team is building & deploying lots of new websites!

We noticed some other lags and some bursts of slow times when Google (and other) bots would crawl through our websites in mass. In the micro version update 4.404 released on April 18th, we introduced more measures to speed up thumbnail feeding on photo galleries, which was taking a significant amount of resources, and saw double-digit drops in server utility load.

What this means in simpler terms – we found more engineering finesse to help our sites load faster with less burden on the servers, so that traffic spikes & popularity spikes do not affect our network as much. Our testing shows that the impact of such spikes was barely noticeable after this upgrade.

Future Upgrade Roadmap

Better buildings & listings filtering

In the coming development sessions, we aim to make our listings & buildings pages on the back-end more user friendly by enabling filtering the items by name/street and/or status to make it faster & easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Many of our clients are high-volume, high-performing real estate agents – we are accommodating our back-end structure to ensure we keep up with the top-performers!

Listings Browse History Tracking

For any leads who enter their email addresses into your contact forms, you will be able to see which properties and which MLS® search filters the visitor used before entering their information. This will allow you to more effectively help these new clients out based on their desires & requirements.

Brixwork Version 4.1 Release with reCAPTCHA V22015-08-12T03:40:40+00:00

Today we are proud to announce the release of Brixwork version 4.1 with many new enhancements, including the usage of the new reCAPTCHA V2 API for human-verification of your email forms to fight spam. Of course, going from version 4.09 to 4.1 involves more than just this upgrade, and we’ll get to those updates later.

Bye Bye to The Old CAPTCHA

old recaptcha that was hard to read

Can anybody see what those letters really are? And this is an easier one.

It was hard to read, even on a good day, with the best eyes, or the best reading glasses. However, it was the lesser of the two evils we had to choose… Once spam starts to flow through some of our websites, it could have put the entire server under a spam black-list, jeopardizing lead-generation capacities for all of our real estate clients! Having a Google-provisioned solid anti-spam measure was a must.

Hello, reCAPTCHA Version 2.0

The new version makes human-verification much easier, so you can get more leads from your website. In fact, in some instances, based on mouse movement or previous browsing history of a specific machine, often the check can be bypassed altogether! In cases where the machine does not immediately determine that the viewer is safe, it will pop up a simple image-based question like this:

anti spam measure for real estate websites

Image-based human verification for fighting spam

Other Upgrades

Brixwork version 4.1 also packs many other upgrades culminated over the few months of development, and here is a list:

  • Multiple main-images for pages now available (while this won’t affect existing sites, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for tight-knit designs with great visual effects)
  • Buildings list label sizes fixed.
  • Double slashes accidentally added when typing in URLs would pull up wrong pages, and that has been fixed.
  • Setting the listing brokerage/office on self-loaded listings is now easier.
  • And many other internal fixes to optimize processes and reduce bugs.
Version 4.04 Released With New Features & Bug Fixes2015-02-20T23:39:12+00:00

This morning Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc. version 4.04 was released with numerous new bug fixes and some new features.

4.04 Release Notes (February 20th, 2015)

  • When featuring MLS® listings, the screen would freeze after processing. This has been resolved.
  • Menu labels on the new navigation system glitch fixed (only applicable to sites set up after February 2015)
  • Maps within the Homes & Buildings sections no longer affected by mouse scroll or screen swipe.
  • You can choose whether the street direction come before or after the street name. In Vancouver, “W 4th Avenue” is common, whereas in Calgary “3rd Street SW” is more common. This default can be set on a site-wide basis, and can be set on each individual property so it can be overridden on a case-by-case as well.
  • Instagram feed has been updated as per slight security changes on the Instagram servers which was blocking our API calls.


Future Development Plans Coming Up

The Brixwork system is a forever evolving platform. We don’t charge a subscription fee just out of formality – the funds our clients pay goes towards betterment of the system as a whole for the benefit of all our clients against their competition outside.

  • Dashboard to include more insights, potentially directly integrating Google Analytics into the page.
  • Duplicate building module detection mechanism.
  • MLS Search forms updated with slide-out or in mechanisms.
  • More (yes, even more) upgrades pertaining to URL controls for SEO purposes.
  • LinkedIN share buttons made universal.
Brixwork Version 4.0 development underway2014-11-14T17:32:40+00:00

We are excited beyond anything to announce that the new version 4.0 of Brixwork is under development. It actually has been for several weeks now, and this is our first official release on the status of development.

The overall direction of the new and improved version is to make the back-end much easier to use with a brand new user interface, while making it more accessible from mobile devices. There are functionality improvements too, of course.

What this means for our real estate website clients:

All of our clients who are subscribed to our services will receive this upgrade when it rolls out, which is forecasted to be before the end of the year. This will give you a much easier to use, and more mobile-accessible back-end from which you can manage your website & listings, but also quickly glance at your listing data while you’re on the go, or perform a quick MLS® search.


[col4 animation_type=”left” align_content=”default”]
Mobile friendly real estate website system

[col8 animation_type=”none” align_content=”default”]

Features Already Coded, Implemented & Tested

  • New mobile-first visual framework
  • Login by email rather than username
  • Password recovery by email
  • Mobile friendly morph navigation
  • Quicker login mechanism

Some upcoming Features Planned (these are not all!)

  • Level-based login to restrict users from certain sections for security.
  • Better pages & subpages display.
  • Easier MLS® import modules.
  • Manual photo-import from the MLS® for pre-existing listings.
  • Basic Google Analytics data integrated.



We have been conducting user surveys, direct interviews with some clients who came into our office, as well as staff meetings to find ways to make the back-end more user-friendly, intuitive, and overall a pleasure to use.

Do you have any feedback, ideas or complaints? Leave it in the comments below!

Brixwork Version 3.9.6 Releasing Tonight2014-06-03T21:13:22+00:00

We are rolling out an update to the Brixwork core system later tonight, version 3.9.6, which includes numerous improvements, bug fixes as well as improvements in the MLS® search functionalities. This round of updates have a heavy focus on functionalities on the internal side, as well as improving our MLS® listings filtering function which will lead to better targeted SEO results on Google™.

MLS® Search Function Improvements
  • Added function to allow for minimum bedrooms, and fixed bedroom numbers. Traditionally users were only able to use 1+, or 2+ bedrooms for minimum settings. Now we are able to provide solid “1 Bedroom Condos in Vancouver” or similar results.
  • Able to search listings by listed date (custom function that is setup on a site-by-site basis, not a default function on search yet).
Some bug fixes:
  • Page deletion mechanism fixed to avoid empty instance running
  • Lot size and Frontage size calculation was off for REBGV data (they changed the unit increments).
  • Home retrieval function returns boolean on lack of property ID in database (useful for coders to determine whether home exists or not by simply returning the boolean)
  • Semi-transparent image rendering improved on Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome
  • Condo storeys class added, previously only accessible through the data array ($home->story, the database was set up without the “e” so we have to live with the minor typo, as we cannot overhaul all existing sites).
Feature Improvements:
  • Lead forms are able to send to multiple emails in an array (useful for partnerships or groups)
  • URL fix for Facebook shares when Facebook converts space/semicolon characters to ASCII
  • Google Analytics code update to enable demographic data scraping.
  • Default gallery image size increased to 2400 pixels in light of larger monitors becoming standard (existing sites may need manual adjustment).
  • Added default animate-fade-in elements that can be easily applied for a smoother & more interactive user experience.

Future Updates Planned

Here at Brixwork we are committed to continuously upgrade our system and software to keep up with the demand of changing technology. Here’s more items we have on the roadmap:

  • Hourly sync of same-day listings only
  • Instagram feed into your websites
  • User interface changes throughout
Version 3.8.7 Released with User Interface Refinements2017-10-10T23:26:20+00:00

This is our first software upgrade across the BRIXWORK system in Q2 of 2013, and here’s what’s been improved. This upgrade focused mostly on the user interface in the back-end of your BRIXWORK Real Estate Website platform.

Accidentally Leaving Page During Editing

Some clients experienced issues when editing a property or a page, they would accidentally go back a step, or leave the page in some other way. This posed the problem of losing unsaved edits. We improved our system by implementing scripts that prevent the user from accidentally leaving the page. Unless the system is prompted to switch you to another page, or you click the SUBMIT button at the bottom, you’ll be given a prompt that asks you if you’re sure you want to leave the current page.

If you hit the backspace button, or another link by mistake, this pops up to ensure you intended the action.

If you hit the backspace button, or another link by mistake, this pops up to ensure you intended the action.

This functionality is currently available on the Homes edit page, as well as Pages edit page. We will be rolling this out for the Buildings/Resources sections in the weeks to come.

Identical City/Subarea Display Fixed

As we are expanding our MLS® Reciprocity integration to other cities across Canada & USA (new updated list coming soon), we noticed that some smaller areas have the same City/Subarea name. When this happens, we had some awkward displays on the website where it would say “Burlington, Burlington” for example. To mitigate this, we updated our codebase so that if the names are an identical match, it truncates it into just “Burlington”.

MLS® Listing to Own Listing Conversion Photo Glitch

When converting an MLS® reciprocity database listing to your “OWN” listing, some clients in different jurisdictions other than Vancouver had issues where the photos won’t come in. We’ve fixed that issue, and positively tested the photos flowing into the local website when this conversion happens.

Multiple Office Locations Supported

Some brokerages have multiple Office IDs assigned from the board. Many clients started asking for an “Office Listings” page that displays listings within the brokerage only. To address clients who wish to display listings from all branches of a brokerage, we’ve updated our listing retrieval module to allow multiple Office IDs. If you wish to expand your “Office Listings” parameters to include other branches within your brokerage, please submit a support ticket with the office codes and we’ll handle it.

Lead Forms On Websites Updated

The email forms on your websites (on your listing display pages as well as contact & other pages) have been universally updated. Since we switched our email routing to a much more secure channel to avoid your leads ending up in spam, the delay has increased by a few seconds. To mitigate this, we have included a pop up that shows a progress bar indicating that the work is in progress. While this is a very minor change in the user interface, it has a great impact on keeping the users engaged to your website.

Rental Modules

You will notice a new “Rental” tab when editing a home. While this feature is enabled on the back-end on a beta mode, it takes extra installation labour to make it happen on the front-end. We will be offering setup of Rental sections on our clients’ websites upon request, and with a nominal set-up fee. This feature is still in beta mode. You are welcome to enter things and fiddle around with it, but it won’t show the rental only features on your website.


Version 3.8.6 Released, New Office & Staff2013-03-19T01:49:12+00:00

We are announcing two new exciting developments today. BRIXWORK version 3.8.6 has been released today (March 18th) and will spread through our clients’ websites later today or tomorrow morning, depending on your locale. We have also acquired an office lease in Yaletown Vancouver and just moved in as of yesterday (March 17th), and hired a new part time staff, Elisabeth, who will be assisting with data entry, administrative tasks and more. Our space will allow us to work with more efficiency and handle the volume of business better. We have experienced a fair bit of growth in the past few months thanks to your loyalty!

New 3.8.6 version Upgrade Notes

SEO Upgrade on Listing Search Pages

SEO tricks are a trade secret of ours so we won’t divulge on the details here, but we made some upgrades that will definitely increase the odds of your listing pages (both your own listings and MLS® listings) being picked up by Google.

User Interface Errors Addressed

HOMES screen pagination bug

We had an issue where the HOMES screen would display one less page (i.e. when you need 6 pages of 20 listings per, it only showed 1 2 3 4 5), and that has been resolved. This was in fact discovered by our new staff, Elisabeth.

TinyMCE Text Editor Upgraded

TinyMCE Text Editor Upgraded

Page content editor module fixed & upgraded

The page content editor that looks a lot like a wordprocessor has been upgraded to a newer version with more stability and bug fixes. We also had an internal bug that was disallowing pasting on certain editing screens depending on the browser you were using. That will be resolved also with the propagation of this upgrade.

Listing Retrieval Mechanisms Being Upgraded

Listing retrieval mechanisms are being upgraded. While this upgrade is not taking effect on all websites immediately, this is a phased upgrade that we are planning, and testing on small scales on select websites. This upgrade will take effect on the next upgrade, and will make your listing pages more stable and streamlined.

Our New Office in Yaletown

We have finalized a lease for a new office in Yaletown, Vancouver. Our new office is located at 1080 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC. Drop by for a visit anytime during business hours!

BRIXWORK real estate websites Yaletown Office

Our new Yaletown Office


Version 3.8.5 released with some back-end updates2012-12-04T02:14:52+00:00

Later today the new version of BRIXWORK, 3.8.5, will be propagating throughout our networks automatically. This version includes several back-end updates to make life easier for our clients, some data field formatting bug fixes, speed improvements, and also very notably, WLS integration upgrades.

Back-End Updates & Bug Fixes

The edit home screen has been updated so that the MLS® number field is on the top of the form, easily accessible. This will be especially helpful when converting an MLS® sourced listing to your OWN listing.

The list of homes that you see when you click the HOMES tab under the Admin section now shows the MLS® # in the list for easy reference. The area/city has been merged into one field so save some screen space.

WLS Integration

Our latest project has been a website for a Whistler Real Estate Agent, Nick Harriss (Sotheby’s). This is our first project that involved utilizing the WLS® (Whistler Listing System – the Whistler equivalent to the MLS®) and we are now successfully integrated with the WLS® reciprocity system to get Whistler listings fed into our website systems!

Bug Fixes & Speed Improvements

The home square footages (including the upper/main/lower fields) now display with more precision. The numbers are automatically converted to include the comma at the thousand mark even if you miss it, or if the MLS® data is missing it. For example, “1249” will display as “1,249 sqft”.

We made changes to our cache controller so that your website viewers can load the pages even faster than before.

Version 3.8.4 Released2012-11-13T16:30:59+00:00

Over the weekend the new version of BRIXWORK, 3.8.4, has propagated throughout our networks. This update incorporates back-end user-interface upgrades, internal bug fixes and some more! The majority of the improvements revolve around Buildings management within your system.

Buildings Filtration Improved

Buildings can be loaded by feature status/whether they have a name or not!

The Buildings section of the back-end UI has been upgraded so that you can now load buildings by its Featured status, or by ones that have a name set up already. This makes it easier to load up your most frequently used buildings.

For those of you who do not have any building features on the front-end of your website, this is a good time to request upgrades (charges may apply). We have been working diligently on our buildings module to introduce new ways to effectively market condominiums and townhouses.

In the future, this is what our buildings module can do for you:

  1. Display building pages (your featured buildings first for niche marketing)
  2. Display pictures, building amenities & features, photos, PDFs.
  3. Show all available listings by building
  4. When viewing a condo/townhouse unit, visitors can immediately look at other listings in the building.
We already have the preliminary technology ready to set up listing pages by building/complexes – contact our support team if you require an upgrade.

More robust buildings data editing

Buildings can now have a full description (content) and also a brief excerpt (short description). This will allow for better buildings display by diversifying the amount of text shown depending on the screen. For example, when you are looking at a list of multiple buildings, the excerpt can be shown under the name of the buildings. When you are viewing the building detail page, the full content can be shown!

Other Internal Bug Fixes

  1. Our number/digit calculator module has been updated to work better with decimal numbers.
  2. The mortgage calculator has been updated so that it can calculate in the Canadian method and the USA method (compounding periods differ between these two countries). You can see a preview of this on Eunice Lee’s real estate listings page.


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