Our templates are amazing, customization can truly make it yours!

Brixwork offers our clients premium templates with the flexibility to customize their online presence to represent their story as a Realtor®, team of agents, or brokerage. Every site is built from our premium templates as a base from which you have the opportunity to leave as a template or customize as many sections as you choose. Most of our clients chose at least some degree of customization to make a truly unique impression.

What’s the difference?

Included in every template setup:

  • An in house designer tailoring your site to your unique brand fonts & colours

  • Client provides feedback & revisions

  • Some complimentary customization to the homepage/about page included!

  • The layout is not able to be changed

Explore our base templates (before customization)

Custom blocks you can add on:

  • Can range from minor customization to a fully custom site

  • Clients have the ability to decide which sections & how many sections they want to customize

  • The quote will vary depending on how many sections are customized vs. what remains template

  • Brixwork does customization best! We take the time to understand your goals and & visions to truly make your site your own

  • Customized sites can range anywhere from $2K (a few sections) to over $20K (entire website) depending on the degree of customization you choose

Key Benefits Of Customization

Stand Out

Unique visuals & messaging that is tailored to you

Remain Consistent

Look even better with enhanced brand consistency

Rank Higher

BONUS: In many cases, better Google Rankings!


Does a custom site mean my whole website has to be customized?

No! You are able to decide how many sections of your website you would like to make fully unique. The way we customize a website is by adding a custom block to replace the template module and you will be quoted based upon how many blocks are customized.

Can I add custom sections later?

Absolutely. Most of our clients to continue adding on custom blocks to their website as they go to continue attracting new clients and showcasing their unique journey.

How will customizing more sections at once affect the overall price?

The more you customize at once, the more you save. Additionally, your custom blocks on your website can be transposed to print media for cheaper (& vice-versa).

Will I stand out on a template site?

Yes! Our templates are premium templates that have been made uniquely for Realtors®. We make sure your unique brand and story will shine though your template website and stand out from your competitors.

Does customization change my monthly price?

Not necessarily. Some customization involves more monthly maintenance fees. Please refer to our monthly fees page for more information on expected fees.

Whether you begin with a template or custom website, we design your website with the highest amount of quality
You deserve it!