Are you getting a lot of visitors to your website? Great, but having a high volume of visitors alone may not be helping you as much as you think. There’s another key factor of your website traffic, and that is engagement.

When it comes to analyzing the quality and effectivity of your website, it is the visitor engagement that makes a difference for your business. But what is the difference between visits and engagement? Think about when you are browsing the world wide web. There are a lot of pages that you end up on but don’t read, right?

That’s exactly why a high volume of visitors can be misleading. There is too much of a focus on the sheer number of visitors through ads, campaigns and other marketing strategies and too little focus on engaging those visitors.

The reason that engagement is so important is that it shows you how interested your potential clients are in you and your business. In real estate, for example, it can show you which listings people are the most and least interested in, as well as many other statistics. Measuring these statistics–or metrics–is critical to determining the quality and amount of real leads that you receive.

Here is a list of 5 metrics to really pay attention to:

1. Page views per visit

  • A good number of page views per visit is five. If you have reached that statistic, then you can confidently say that your website is functioning quite well. It shows that your website is easy to navigate and people are interested enough to click on links.

Pages / Visit 1

Pages / Visit 2

2. Bounce Rates

  • Means people left the site as soon as they opened up page, without any engagement
  • Should be under half.

Bounce Rate 1

Bounce Rate 2

3. Visit Duration

  • Amount of time spent consecutively throughout pages in website.
  • Similar implications as the pageview metrics.

4. New vs Returning

  • Shows the loyalty of people coming back to see your stuff.

5. Visitor flow

  • Shows the exact flow of which pages they entered through, and which pages they clicked on.. and when they finally left.
  • Good visual indicator to emulate customers’ experience on your website

Visitor Flow 1

Visitor Flow 2

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