3 New Exciting Launches at Brixwork to open the final quarter of 2023!

Growing to meet the demands of the real estate sector

Our Brixwork Version 5 launch was successful – but wait, there’s more! We made huge strides on many fronts to offer new services, and service different niches in real estate.

Learn what else we’ve put together for you throughout the year!

V5 Launched in October 2023, And Further Bug Fixes Done

To learn more about the new designs and features in V5, check out our August  article showcasing the new features coming. Thank you to the beta testers for testing and reporting bugs – we couldn’t have done it without your support.


Several bug fixes on
listing modules

A few minor issues updating listing data fields were resolved.


Label and Instruction

Since the launch, we made several changes to on-screen prompts.


MLS® IDX Mainframe
Crash Fixed

An odd bug froze up our reciprocity module – that has been resolved.

Riverside Road Business Park in Abbotsford - industrial presale website design

Our First Industrial Strata Presale Website Launch!

Riverside Road Business Park (Abbotsford)

Our experience in presale projects and knowledge of commercial/industrial real estate combined for a successful launch of Riverside Road Business Park’s website in October!

  • Marketed by Avison Young, developed by Cedar Coast, built by Orion Construction
  • Bold and simple emphasis on the registration for effective lead generation
  • Custom designed and animated vector artwork and infographics throughout

PPC Ad Management Services Launched – Finally!

Full Flow Funnel Ads For Better ROI

We couldn’t sit idly watching poorly executed ad campaigns with so much wasted ad budget, and many clients asked us if we can do better. We answered yes!

  • Comprehensively planned through the whole funnel (not just ads that lead to homepage)
  • Strategic design of landing pages and followup systems that work with the ads.
  • Tweaked and tailored where it matters to continuously improve performance

Why we took so long to launch the PPC Ads

Do it right, or don’t do it at all – that mentality is at the heart of Brixwork. We resisted expanding out to offer PPC ads for a very long time, as there were many well-experienced and well-equipped ad agencies out there. We thought it was best to let them do what they do best.

It turned out many budget providers were doing a poor job

Typos in the ad verbiage, simply sending traffic to a page not optimized for short-attention spanned ad clicks, zero follow-up efforts – we observed our clients suffer through ridiculously executed ad campaigns that were flushing money down the toilet.

Many clients wanted a one-stop-shop option and pay more

Sending emails to multiple vendors in order to update a campaign is a lot of work, and many clients expressed they’d be happy to pay more for the convenience of having one team manage everything from A to Z.

Our expertise has several advantages for ad campaigns

Already being a boutique website provider meant we have much better capacity to properly design and deploy the ad-specific landing pages, follow-up emails and thank you pages, and AMPHTML animated banner ads for Google.

It turns out we can deliver much better!