Brixwork Version 4.0 Launch is Imminent!

Welcome to your new administrative system for Brixwork real estate websites. With easier to use features, more automation, more on-screen guidance, we made the system easier for you to use. Spent less time on your website, update with ease, and keep selling!

Deployment schedule: Today (January 30th) we successfully deployed the new software on a handful of websites as a test. Further testing will happen over the weekend, and next week we expect a full-scale deployment.

Drop to Reorder Everything

Listings, Buildings, as well as gallery photos, can be dragged and dropped to change display sequence.

dragreorder image blog

Drag Photos From Computer To Galleries

Galleries, feature images & PDFs can now be drag & dropped directly from your laptop, or even uploaded from your mobile devices.


Google SEO Preview As You Type

See your listing, page or building preview on how it will appear on Google™ as you type it in. SEO became easier.


Towers Townhomes Grouped Properly

See all townhomes tower units in one screen. Marketing mixed developments has never been this easy.

Image Buildings

Click-To-Expand Sub-Pages Category Items

Quickly see which pages belong to which top-pages using the new click-to-expand module, along with drag drop.

Click to expand

Easier To Access From Mobile Devices

Get information, make quick changes to your website from your mobile devices. You can even upload pictures from your iPhone now!

Mobile access

As a provider of boutique real estate marketing services, we undertand that the best way for us to achieve our own success is by helping our customers achieve success as well. We are committed to providing you with ongoing improvements to our system. We value your loyalty and the Brixwork staff are here to help you whenever you need assistance through our support channel.