Over the weekend the new version of BRIXWORK, 3.8.4, has propagated throughout our networks. This update incorporates back-end user-interface upgrades, internal bug fixes and some more! The majority of the improvements revolve around Buildings management within your system.

Buildings Filtration Improved

Buildings can be loaded by feature status/whether they have a name or not!

The Buildings section of the back-end UI has been upgraded so that you can now load buildings by its Featured status, or by ones that have a name set up already. This makes it easier to load up your most frequently used buildings.

For those of you who do not have any building features on the front-end of your website, this is a good time to request upgrades (charges may apply). We have been working diligently on our buildings module to introduce new ways to effectively market condominiums and townhouses.

In the future, this is what our buildings module can do for you:

  1. Display building pages (your featured buildings first for niche marketing)
  2. Display pictures, building amenities & features, photos, PDFs.
  3. Show all available listings by building
  4. When viewing a condo/townhouse unit, visitors can immediately look at other listings in the building.
We already have the preliminary technology ready to set up listing pages by building/complexes – contact our support team if you require an upgrade.

More robust buildings data editing

Buildings can now have a full description (content) and also a brief excerpt (short description). This will allow for better buildings display by diversifying the amount of text shown depending on the screen. For example, when you are looking at a list of multiple buildings, the excerpt can be shown under the name of the buildings. When you are viewing the building detail page, the full content can be shown!

Other Internal Bug Fixes

  1. Our number/digit calculator module has been updated to work better with decimal numbers.
  2. The mortgage calculator has been updated so that it can calculate in the Canadian method and the USA method (compounding periods differ between these two countries). You can see a preview of this on Eunice Lee’s real estate listings page.