BRIXWORK was updated once again in the past week to version 3.7.3! Our last update was for the minor update 3.7.23 a few weeks back. This round of updates are based on some customer feedback, and here are the details.

  • The login security has been released to a slightly loose level. To avoid people messing with a screen that was accidentally left on, the login was set to extend only when there was continuos activity (switching between pages). However this often back-fired because some clients remained on a page for quite some time while editing a biography, for example, and then by the time they are done writing it would return them to the log in screen. After much consideration, we lowered the security on this one for convenience – the loss of write-ups that have an hour or more put into it was quite dire. This means that our clients & users are responsible to diligently log-off from your website when using a public computer. Any malicious activity recorded while a customer account is logged on is not our responsibility, and data recovery may incur our regular hourly charges of $75 per hour (taxes extra).
  • Fixed an issue with the file/image upload module in the page editor after our last upgrade – the new login mechanism did not play well with the file upload module. We re-synchronized the logins to resolve this.
  • Resolved the URL issues with certain real estate listings containing odd unit numbers – although extremely rare, some property detail pages were having trouble.
  • This part concerns 3rd party designers – although not visible, we have started testing a file/template modifier tool that allows you to edit some of the .php, .js, .css files directly online.

The next major upgrades coming up include (in no order of priority):

  • QR code generator for each listing
  • UI changes to allow quick preview of listings from the “homes” screen
  • UI changes to allow Open House dates for MLS® listings that are not yours
  • Walkscore screens where applicable
  • A simple Craigslist ad generator

We will keep you posted!