A Complete Rebirth of Brixwork and Many Other Improvements Throughout 2023

Our our core upgrades throughout 2022 focused on better content delivery, better title/content for SEO, and improving our multi-page structures. Also, many upgrades were done through various MLS® IDX cores for a more streamlined MLS® Reciprocity delivery.

2023’s upgrades were much more noticeable!

. . .

Fully Overhauled & Re-Designed User Interface – V5 Launch!

Brixwork was built from the ground up just for Real Estate since 2009 (V1). We’ve had many major upgrades and improvements. In late 2022 we started imagining a fully re-organized and re-designed website management platform that would make the lives of real estate professionals even easier – at least on the website management front, that is (we can’t help with your brokerage furnishing or vehicle maintenance, sorry).

January, 2023
  • We commenced the design of our brand new website platform (V5) to help real estate professionals manage their listings, buildings/presales & page content with ease.
  • Better page structure also would lead to less bugs and issues.
February, 2023
  • Overhaul of all CREA DDF fed MLS® IDX feeds to newest server-to-server encryption standards. MLS® search form & result modules upgraded & bugs fixed as we migrated all codebase to the newest versions that became an industry standard.
March, 2023
  • Main image handling for custom designed webpages was improved.
  • Further MLS® sync system freezes stemming from the full overhaul from the February upgrades were resolved, and unit grouping into presales/buildings were improved
April, 2023
  • Floor plans and other PDF attachment labels now fall back more gracefully for better readability by humans as well as Google™.
  • Heavy code sweeps were done for overall server Operating System upgrades, necessary for the V5 alpha testing.
May, 2023
  • We replaced our API module for our Mailchimp integration to a better SDK managed by Mailchimp’s own dev team. Lead to email list dispersion as well as internal email notifications systems were also re-built for more robust communication.
June, 2023
  • Firewall overreaction with Cloudfront fixed, and automation introduced to prevent future outages of MLS® listing photo feeds to our entire network.
  • Brixwork version 5 enters Alpha testing for a whole new UI!
July 2023
  • A year-long upgrade sequence finalized to move all sites to PHP version 8, as 7 is being deprecated.
  • Better speed, security and performance all around.
  • The code morph sequence to mass-update hundreds of custom sites was a massive success.
August 2023
  • Beta testing of the brand new V5 began, marking a major milestone for Brixwork since its inception in 2009.
  • A brand new multi-tiered login module allows brokerages and teams to delegate website content management to various team members safely.
September 2023
  • Test, debug and repeat – the V5 testing continued on select websites to deliver the best user experience.
  • Various MLS® Reciprocity bugs (listing addresses, virtual tours, and CREA DDF timezone handling) were also fixed.
October 2023
November 2023
  • Numerous bug fixes, mainly on heavily customized websites, that arose from the new V5 launch and operating system upgrades were addressed.
  • Virtual tours were added to building/presale modules, and listing pagination module bugs were fixed.
December 2023
  • MLS® reciprocity bugs involving hidden/disabled cities were fixed, and private (hidden) addresses handling was improved to respect homeowner privacy.
  • Display issues caused by CREA DDF’s changes to listings without photos were resolved promptly.

Evolving With You, Because We Were Born for Real Estate!

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that evolving with the times while always presenting your best is critical to success in real estate. The COVID19 pandemic brought turbulent downs and ups, and the fluctuation in interest rates presented many great and gloomy moments to the real estate industry.

Here’s how we grew to service your needs better on many other fronts:

Thoughtfully Executed PPC Campaigns To Reduce Waste

Our new Full Funnel Flow PPC campaign services have brought higher standards to Google & Social Media Ad campaigns, with successful campaigns across BC and AB. Fragmented ad campaigns by 3rd parties were draining our clients’ wallets, and we didn’t want to stand by and watch any longer.

Keynote-Like Listing/Buyers Presentations Are In!

Zoom meetings are no longer the domain of “techy” people – it’s become mainstream since COVID19, just like QR codes. Our custom designed listing presentations have always been a massive hit, and the elegantly digitized versions have been helping our Realtors® sign clients out of town before they come into town!

Thank you for the love and support, always!

-Jeff Kee & The Development Team