We have had several inquiries recently on why we no longer offer Flash™ animation services on our REALTOR® websites. We have many great reasons for it, and here is why:

  • The trends in web standards is going towards the direction of eliminating Flash™ as a mainstream web design element. This is because Flash™ is not a web-standard language like HTML or CSS – it’s a 3rd party plug-in. The World Wide Web is moving towards the direction of not relying on plug-ins – browsers by themselves are fully capable of the things we need.
  • This is why the innovators at Apple decided to stop supporting Flash on their mobile devices (iPhones and iPads) several years ago. Our websites are fully compatible with these mobile devices without restriction.
  • Flash™ content is not readable by robots from Google or other search engines, reducing your SEO performance. To alleviate this, designers often use raw HTML layers behind the Flash™ piece; but this is more time consuming and expensive.
  • Flash-free websites load faster. We have the modern technology on pure HTML and Javascript that enables us to create the smooth animations and interactive user interface features without relying on Flash®.