The rumours are true: 2022 is coming to an end.

In 2022, Realtors® weathered a turbulent real estate market brought on by global economic uncertainty. You should count yourself in good company for persevering through these undoubtedly challenging times. We’re honoured to be welcoming 2023 with you.

Infographic describing statistics achieved by Brixwork in 2022.
Infographic displaying statistics about Brixwork's achievements in 2022

New for 2022: Testimonials Website Module

One of the most popular new website features this year has been the testimonials module. It’s become one of our most in-demand features as we’ve added it to the websites of over a dozen top Realtors® & real estate teams. It’s an important feature for one simple reason:

Can you guess what percentage of customers use testimonials as a deciding factor before a transaction?

Anywhere between 70 to 90% according to Boast.

Our testimonials module can be fully-integrated into your Brixwork-built website’s theme, customized to support different media types (like video), and it’s robust enough to let you showcase more than 300 client reviews.

Examples of Testimonials in action

The Esposito Team's Testimonial webpage built by Brixwork
Device showing Oracle Property Group's Testimonial page built by Brixwork

Highly-Customized Websites We Designed & Built This Year

It’s hard, if not impossible, to choose a favourite. This year’s been a period of growth and refinement for us. For example, we upgraded the version of PHP we use to build all these websites, and we got more comfortable coding in animated website features. 2023 is going to be just as much fun as we upgrade to PHP 8 and strive to push the limits of our web development skills to keep on amazing our clients with bespoke websites.

Here’s a selection of websites from this year:

…and there’s so many more. Head over to our portfolio to see what we’ve been working on for real estate professionals.

Oracle Property Group's listing detail page built by Brixwork.
Manny Bal's real estate website designed & built by Brixwork.

Project Marketing: The Southbend

We covered all the angles to ensure The Southbend had all the right eyes on it the moment it hit the market. We achieved this by providing bespoke designs for everything from site signage to social media posts; from a beautiful presentation booklet to an interactive floorplan explorer on the website which lets homebuyers explore their future homes.

The Southbend website custom designed and built by Brixwork
The Southbend website designed and coded by Brixwork.

Software Upgrades in 2022

The competition among real estate agents, brokerages, home builders & presale marketers intensified in 2022. Regardless of industry activities and interest rates, the battle for market share among sales professionals is ongoing, and so are Brixwork’s efforts to keep up with industry demands.

Throughout 2022 we continued to improve and refine our software to remain competitive and uphold our commitment to quality service.

Jeff Kee was interviewed by Made in CA

Jeff was interviewed by Made in CA about his entrepreneurial experience in the world of marketing.

Quality and finesse in our results are the true testaments of our team. Boutique is our philosophy of work, not just a tagline.

In case you missed it, we wrote a few articles this year…