We have recently upgraded Brixwork for Realtors to version 3.2, announcing our new Youtube video import capabilities. Each listing can now have a Youtube video linked with it. To do this, you need a Youtube account, so that you can upload your videos to Youtube. If you work with a video producer who handles the video publishing, please haves them upload it to Youtube under your account name, or better yet, have them send you the .flv file directly via email or FTP so you can upload it to youtube yourself.

The procedure for uploading Youtube videos is simple – just follow the instructions on Youtube once you go to the video uploading section. Once the video has been uploaded successfully to Youtube, you can then link it up with your listing via our management system.

  1. Login to Brixwork for Realtors (www.yourdomain.com/admin).
  2. Once logged in, go to the list of Homes.
  3. If the listing to which the video will be linked to is not on yet, please upload a new listing first.
  4. Click on the Tag icon for the listing attachments.
  5. Go to the Youtube Video tab.
  6. On the tab, simply copy-paste the entire URL for the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o84iA9A9QLg)
  7. Our software will automatically process the URL so we can extract the video ID (o84iA9A9QLg)
  8. And there we go! Your listing now has a Youtube video linked to it.

Importante Note: Websites built before March 2010 will most likely not have the function to PLAY the youtube video on the front-end. If you wish to enable Youtube video playback on your listing pages, we need to make a minor upgrade. If you wish to start using Youtube videos instead of direct uploads, please contact our support desk to submit a request.

Some of you may be wondering why this upgrade was performed despite the fact that we already had a very nice looking and smooth video upload/player module. The reasons are:

  • Having Youtube exposure increases your exposure
  • Youtube is owned by Google, and having Youtube video embedded gives Google some hints as to what the video contents are. This means an increase in your website’s performance on search engines.
  • Youtube has much more related video search function that will draw up relevant results to your visitors, which increases the value of your website as a content portal.
  • Youtube videos are easier for people to share on all sorts of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and more.

Enjoy the new feature!