Project Description

Victoria Homes Group  (Colleen Ferguson)

Custom-Illustrated Branding, Stationery & Web Design

Hand-Crafted Branding

Her logo began as a hand drawn sketch that was curated to perfection resulting in a one-of-a kind logo. With the West Coast town at its forefront, the custom branding seamlessly flows from logo to colours, telling Colleen’s unique story & specialty in Victoria, BC.

Hand drawn custom logo

Custom Website

Colleen is a knowledgable & experienced Realtor® specializing in pre-sale homes in the Greater Victoria area. To showcase Colleen’s story, her website was created with the oceanfront town of Victoria, BC in mind. The custom designed presale/building sections as well as the stunning homepage captures the attention of all visitors, while providing valuable information of new buildings.

mobile friendly web page
Pre Sale Web page preview