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Version 3.8.5 released with some back-end updates2012-12-04T02:14:52+00:00

Later today the new version of BRIXWORK, 3.8.5, will be propagating throughout our networks automatically. This version includes several back-end updates to make life easier for our clients, some data field formatting bug fixes, speed improvements, and also very notably, WLS integration upgrades.

Back-End Updates & Bug Fixes

The edit home screen has been updated so that the MLS® number field is on the top of the form, easily accessible. This will be especially helpful when converting an MLS® sourced listing to your OWN listing.

The list of homes that you see when you click the HOMES tab under the Admin section now shows the MLS® # in the list for easy reference. The area/city has been merged into one field so save some screen space.

WLS Integration

Our latest project has been a website for a Whistler Real Estate Agent, Nick Harriss (Sotheby’s). This is our first project that involved utilizing the WLS® (Whistler Listing System – the Whistler equivalent to the MLS®) and we are now successfully integrated with the WLS® reciprocity system to get Whistler listings fed into our website systems!

Bug Fixes & Speed Improvements

The home square footages (including the upper/main/lower fields) now display with more precision. The numbers are automatically converted to include the comma at the thousand mark even if you miss it, or if the MLS® data is missing it. For example, “1249” will display as “1,249 sqft”.

We made changes to our cache controller so that your website viewers can load the pages even faster than before.

BRIXWORK version 3.8.3 Release2012-10-19T01:44:35+00:00

BRIXWORK version 3.8.3 is to be released overnight, ready for you by Friday morning (October 19th). This update includes several bugfixes and features throughout the back-end as well as some other SEO related features.

Updates To The Admin Section

Drag And Re-Order module glitch fixed

There was a minor glitch on the new drag & reorder module that we released a short while back, where if the mouse is off the target by just a pixel it would select the drag icon, causing confusion. This has been addressed.

MLS® Listing to OWN Listing Convertor Error Fixed

The format of the tax field of the MLS® system (Vancouver/Fraser Valley Real Estate Board) was causing a glitch. This was tested well a while back, so we suspect a slight format change on the board’s part. When converting MLS® listings to OWN listings, our system was picking up only the first digit of the tax amount ($3,297 was turning into $3.00 due to this error). This has been rectified. If you have recently converted any MLS® listings to your OWN listings, it is important that you edit those listings to update the tax records manually. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Updates To The Front-End Features

Contact Form Made Convenient

The previous versions of the contact forms had a behaviour where it empties itself after an email has been sent to avoid duplicates. However this posed a problem when somebody wanted to send a second email right away, because the name/email/phone fields would also be reset. We upgraded our scripts so that only the content & the CAPTCHA visual verification fields are emptied, making it easier for your visitors to write another email to you immediately after the previous one.

Pinterest Buttons Available (optional)

Pinterest Is a Premium Social Media Outlet

Each listing detail pages can now show a Pin-to-Pinterest button beside the pre-existing Facebook/Twitter/Google+ buttons. This is an optional feature – if you want this enabled, please contact our support desk. To see a sample of the Pinterest button active, check out Mel Montgomery or Jesse Williamson‘s websites.

In case you don’t know what Pinterest is, here are Pinterest demographics that will make you want to use Pinterest more actively!

Google XML Sitemaps Available (optional)

We already announced this minor update a few days back – Google XML Sitemaps are now available upon request. Read this update article on the XML Sitemap for more details.

Real Estate Website Version 3.8.2 Release2012-10-09T05:55:10+00:00

Major Improvements on the Admin User Interface

We are very excited today to announce the launch of another exciting version upgrade that has a lot of positive enhancements to your user interface. Version 3.8.2 includes an innovative new solution for ordering your photos & listings. In our previous versions, this was a task that took a little bit longer. Each click of the blue arrow meant the item moved up and down 1 spot, while the double arrow moved the item to the very top or very bottom.

Drag & Drop To Re-Order Your Real Estate Listings & Photo Gallery Items

We are introducing a drag & drop functionality on the photo gallery section as well as the listings section. Instead of using the blue arrows, you can now simply use your mouse to grab the handle and drag items up and down. As you drag, the other items will shuffle around to give you an intuitive view of where you are placing the item in question.

Immediately Updates In The Database

Upon completing the movement of an item, it automatically updates the database right away to reflect those changes – there is no need to click another “SUBMIT” button in this drag & drop interface.

Faster Photo Title Updates

The photo title also updates quicker in this new release without a delay. The same goes for the Homes section where you can update the published/sold/featured status of the listings from the list view with the drop-downs. These speed changes may appear minor but it adds up in the long run to save you time when managing your real estate listings.

Pagination On Homes Section

The homes user interface is now much faster and nimble, thanks to the pagination module. While this was not an issue for many customers, some of our customers had way too many listings (good for them) which slowed down the screen when dozens, or sometimes hundreds of rows popped up into view. You also have the option to determine how many listings to show per page (10, 20, 50).

Upcoming Improvements To Look Forward To

Upgrades never stop in our industry – constant improvement is necessary for us to stay competitive, and in return, make our real estate agents competitive in the field as well. Here’s some new features that are coming along!

Better Leads Tracking Module

We are in the process of standardizing the lead capture forms across our real estate websites in order to enable better tracking through Google Analytics. The new lead capture schematic will allow our websites to trigger a notice to Google Analytics when a visitor uses any of the contact forms on your site (unless you are integrated using Wufoo Forms through our Marketing Suite).

This will allow our real estate agents, as well as us, to better analyze the source and patterns of the best quality traffic & leads. The ability to accurately track the sources of your business allows you to get a much better handle on your ROI, as well as seek improvement opportunities.

We are committed towards the design of the best real estate websites, and these upgrades are part of our plan to enhance the overall performance of your marketing campaign.

Better Listing Search Results for Search Engine Optimization

Our MLS® search form has received many compliments. We are enhancing the page title & meta descriptions that are auto-generated for pre-set listing searches as well as custom-created searches. Titles and meta descriptions, along with the content & URL structure, makes a big impact on your search engine performance.

Our Last 3.8 Upgrade

If you missed our last software update, here’s our recent article on the release of Brixwork version 3.8.

Major Upgrade to Version 3.8 For Better Realtor® Websites2012-08-13T23:56:16+00:00

We have one of the most exciting upgrades for BRIXWORK {real estate} in weeks that released over the past week or so. This upgrade is an interesting one in the sense that many of the change are mostly not visible on the surface, so here’s a brief recap of what’s been done under-the-hood.

Massive Speed Improvements On The MLS® Reciprocity Module

4X The Sync Frequency

One of our greatest strengths is our incredibly flexible and deeply integrated MLS® Reciprocity module. Our industry-leading system has gone through another major upgrade; speed. Exchanging massive amount of data between different servers is not only challenging from a technical perspective, but also a heavy load for web servers to handle. We’ve made some incredible data & code optimization in order to speed up the data sync process. The amount of time & memory resources consumed has been cut down to less than 1/3 of what it previously was.

What does this mean for your website & usability?

1 – New Listings Delivered Quicker

We used to synchronize your MLS® listings data once a day. We are now boosting that up to 4 times a day. Our mothership server checks for new listings for the day up to 4 times a day so that your visitors can see the brand new listings faster, and you can offer showings ahead of the other agents.

2 – Cost Savings Passed On To You

This upgrade also allows our servers to handle more Realtor® website accounts without over-burdening it, which reduces our overhead. Less price increases, more focus on website quality that really makes the difference for your marketing means a win-win for both our development team as well as our real estate agents that we service.



Select Which Cities to Show On Your Site

Niche definition for real estate agents is important. Our previous MLS® search module included all cities & subareas that were part of your local real estate board’s jurisdiction. We now offer a way to select which cities to show & hide. This will affect the MLS® search form that your customers see on the front-end.

Simply navigate towards the “Areas” tab on your admin panel, and then you an use the dropdown menu beside each city name to toggle that city between show/hidden.



Listings Grouped by Apartment Complexes (Beta)

Our listing retrieval module now is equipped with filter systems to display listings that belong to a certain condo/townhome complex. While this module is still in its beta mode with some glitches to fix, it works well on condominiums. You can see examples of this running on Whistler Realtor Denise Brown’s featured condo buildings page.

Currently In Beta Stage

At this moment we are displaying featured buildings on a separate page, linking to a listing gallery page that shows all the listings (including your own past sales, if any). Eventually, we will include more flexible options for your customers to be able to easily browse through listings in buildings. For example, when viewing a specific apartment unit page, the customers will have the option to “see more listings in this building”. That’s planned for the near future.

Cost/Timeframe To Upgrade

This is not a simple complimentary upgrade – it is a more complex module that requires a fair amount of custom coding on the front-end to fully integrate into your existing website system. If you wish to have your own “featured buildings” page set up, please send an inquiry through our support desk and we will provide you with a custom quote.



Email/Contact Forms Upgraded To Set Mandatory Fields

Our email/contact forms (generally included on your contact page, as well as on each listing detail page) are now upgraded – certain fields (such as name/email/phone) can be mandatory fields. This means that if somebody attempts to hit the “send” button before those fields are filled out, the form will return an error message asking them to complete the mandatory fields.

Why wasn’t this enabled before?

We didn’t enable this forced form fields concept in order to relieve the pressure on users to give out contact information. Studies have shown that more mandatory fields (especially contact info) on web-based forms reduces the likelihood of the users filling out the form. While the intention was great, it back-fired because some leads were coming in without any phone numbers or emails filled in. While we suspect these incomplete submissions were spam attempts (or our competitors testing our system to copy certain features), based on our customer’s requests, we can offer certain fields to be mandatory.

This is not an automatic upgrade

Some of our clients prefer to not set any fields to be mandatory, so this upgrade is not automatically propagated. If you wish to turn certain fields of your contact form to become mandatory fields, please send us a request through our support desk and we’ll make it happen. There is no charge for this modification for monthly subscribers.


Buyers & Sellers Forms and Virtual Tours Field available on 3.7.52018-11-02T21:42:16+00:00

We are excited to release yet another upgrade, to version 3.7.5. Along with many minor bug fixes and text changes, the most significant upgrade is the Buyers & Sellers inquiry forms.

Update #1 – Buyers & Sellers Forms

After a long debate on whether we should include this feature or not as a standard item, we have finally decided to give it a go. There was not enough demand for this previously, and also there was speculation on whether this would be effective since longer forms are less likely to be filled out.

The buyers form gathers relevant info from your customers

To see a demo implementation of this feature, you can visit Jacob Strigan’s buyers form here. This is the first implementation of this feature, and the same website also has the sellers form located under the “Selling” tab. The buyers form includes the following data capture fields:

  • Name, phone & email
  • Timeframe of purchase
  • Which city & neighbourhood
  • What type of property
  • The size and price range
  • and more
The sellers form gathers similar data, except geared more towards the specifics of the property that is to hit the market so that you can get information on the potential listing.

The above feature has been deprecated as of 2015.

Having more fields to fill out makes it less likely for visitors to fill out content. We have completely removed this feature and will never offer it again. It’s our job to get leads for our Realtors. The data mining & interview is to be done after the initial contact has been made, and these forms only turned people away due to its cumbersome nature.

Update #2 – Virtual Tour Fields Integrated

Now a “Virtual Tour” field is included in your back-end (found under the details tab, while editing property details). You can enter the full URL to a virtual tour webpage prepared by a vendor of your choice (if applicable), and the link can appear on the listing detail page. You can see a demo implementation on Dan Goluboff & Charlie Cameron’s property page. Note that having a photo gallery on the virtual tour page is redundant and not necessary, as the BRIXWORK websites feature a fantastic photo gallery that works on all mobile devices.

Also available on MLS® integrated listings

The MLS® listing pool also has a field for virtual tour URLs, so this is not restricted just on your OWN listings. This feature can be enabled for all listings on the system.

To enable this feature on your website

Same deal as above – to add this feature, please submit a support ticket and we’ll take care of it for you. Charges may apply in some cases. There is an important downside to note however – whenever there is a virtual tour link on a property, that URL will belong to a 3rd party website or the listing agent’s website, so there is a risk that your viewers may end up leaving your site – use at your own risk. The best way to mitigate this is to create a true video tour and upload it to Youtube. Our system supports seamless embedding of Youtube videos on our property detail pages, without any 3rd party webpages showing up.

Coming Soon!

I know we’ve been discussing this for quite some time – QR codes are coming on the next update. We’ve been busy ironing out other details on our software to provide a more stable & better experience.

3.7.4 Allows Featured City/Areas, Buildings and More2012-06-05T15:02:25+00:00

It seems we’re updating at a breakneck speed, but that’s what it takes to stay on top I guess. Version 3.7.4 was rolled out overnight to offer you features to help you better focus your niche area in the city as a Realtor®. This is especially important for customers subscribed to the MLS® Reciprocity integration feature, because our system will have to pull in all the areas listed under the system.

Featured Areas & Sub-Areas

Featured Real Estate Areas Help Niche For Realtors

You can set certain cities & areas as "Featured"


BRIXWORK Version 3.7.23 released2012-05-15T15:07:42+00:00

Last night saw the release of version 3.7.23 for BRIXWORK {real estate} – the Realtor® website platform to move you forward! This is not a major upgrade, but important nonetheless.

A few bugs were caught & squashed, some user interface elements were updated and such. But the most important upgrade comes from the property fetching module. Some of the upgrades were courtesy of feedback from one of our loyal clients, Tyler Volker of West Vancouver.

New Listing flags for MLS® listings

Automated "Just Listed" or "New Listing" flags make browsing easier

Property Retrieval Module Upgrades

Our property display module has been going through some major upgrades, especially since the inception of the MLS Reciprocity integration we completed in 2011. “Completed” is a strange word in the world of software development, as it’s never really “complete”, but rather, a “phase” has been struck, with more improvements to come. Here’s what we improved on the property retrieval module:

  • Speed – we made code optimizations to speed up the retrieval of properties sorted by city & subarea flags.
  • Status remarks – for MLS® fed listings, we updated the remarks so that it automatically displays “New Listing” or “Just Listed” based on the listed date (beta)
  • Ordering & Sorting – for Realtors® who display a hybrid of their own listings as well as MLS® Reciprocity listings, we’ve created a multi-dimensional ordering scheme that gives you more flexibility.

User Interface Upgrades (Admin Panel)

The back-end (Admin panel) used by real estate agents to update & maintain their own sites has been upgraded.

  • Bugs in the resource/links section caught and fixed
  • Menubar on top given more space, the “NEW” badge removed (it’s been a while since our overhaul to version 3 with the new interface, we realized!)
  • Links to the support channel provided in more places for easy access (you can always directly visit for tech support)

Other than that, we made some small display adjustments, type-o fixing and more – nothing too noteworthy, so we’ll keep it short.

BRIXWORK Version 3.7.2 Released with new home search functions2012-05-02T18:07:57+00:00

We have made yet another upgrade to your software, and we are now celebrating the launch of version 3.7.2. The launch of the previous update, 3.7.1, was about a month ago, which introduced the new extended login mechanism, better photo gallery management, and more features.

Flexible Real Estate Listing Sorting Function

One of the most anticipated features that add on to our MLS® Search system was the ability to display the listings by price, square footage etc. Now your website visitors are able to order the listings by listed price, size of the property, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and the listed date – in both ascending and descending order as they wish.

This search/sort function features a very smooth & responsive user interface that leverages jQuery & jQueryUI’s functionality for a rich web experience. The search functions are also mobile friendly – it will show up just fine on iPads, iPhones, Androids & Blackberries.

Better MLS® data exchange

Prior to this update, when our Realtor® clients designate a listing as his/her “OWN” listing, it was no longer affected by the MLS® data feed. This was an inconvenience when there is a listing price drop, or if an incorrect value (such as the square footage of a home) had to be rectified. Now, critical data such as price/sqft/bedroom/bathroom are periodically synced with the MLS® database, regardless of whether it’s your own listing or not – so price drops can be reflected automatically as soon as the MLS® database feeds that change to our BRIXWORK servers. 

“No Image Ready” display fixed

On some clients’ websites, when an image of a property is unavailable, the “NO IMAGE YET” replacement image was not appearing at the proper size. That issue has been rectified.

Other Bug Fixes And Security Updates

There were numerous small bugs & security updates made. One of the issues include the inability to delete certain images from the property gallery – that issue has been resolved.

How to Best Leverage Your Search Functions

Our search function is innovative in the sense that each search generates a fully descriptive URL that contains the data of the search. In plain English, this means you can share the URL of any search result, and the recipients will see the exact results pre-populated, and are able to further manipulate the search from that point on. This means that you can easily share listing search results with clients, and post these results on forums, blogs, social media engines (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) and your visitors will see exactly what you see!

Search results can be shared easily!

Try an example here: on Yujin’s website, we’ve created a search for Port Moody Townhomes with at least 2 bed/2 bath, ordered by highest price to lowest price. This link can be posted anywhere by copy-pasting the URL in the address bar! Or you can also hit the Tweet/Facebook LIKE/Google+ buttons to share the results instantly to your social networks.

This has several benefits to our Realtor® clients:

  • Maintain full branding of yourself when presenting listing search results
  • Generate more niche-specific traffic to your site, directly to search result pages. People are impatient – give them what they want right away!
  • Increase your position on Google with more listing search results such as this, by posting this URL to your social networks, 3rd party websites/blogs/forums, and more!
BRIXWORK version 3.7.1 Upgrade Allows Flexible Login Options2018-11-06T20:06:29+00:00


We are proud and happy, as well as excited, to launch BRIXWORK {real estate} version 3.7.1! This is a rather major upgrade with some important functionalities, as well as import bug fixes throughout the site. Even if you do not see the update active right at this moment (it’s almost 11pm in Vancouver as I write this), the upgrade will be visible soon as the upgraded files propagate.

Remain Logged Into The Back-End (max 2 weeks)

The new login option for your back-end allows our Realtors® to remain logged in for a longer period of time. This is handy when you have a office or home computer that you constantly use to manage your website. The available options are: short (5 minutes), medium (1 hour), and long (2 weeks). Let us explain how this works: we do not mean that you will be bounced out of the system after 5 minutes of usage if you go with the shortest option. The time indicates the length of time your login is maintained after your last activity on the website. If you keep opening new sections as you work, you will never be logged out. If you stop your usage, however, the login will be valid during the inactivity for the specified length of time. The system also remembers the last username you used. We took inspiration from the login mechanisms of larger websites such as Facebook when we made this upgrade.

How long do you want to keep your login alive for?

Security is important, especially when using public computers

Please be careful to NOT use the extended login option when using a public computer. And for added security, even when you are using the short login options, be sure to hit the “log off” button on the top right when you are done when on a public computer. Any loss of data that occurs while a user is logged into the system is the responsibility of the client, and recovery efforts require a payment of $75/hour to cover the labour (unless of course the loss is a result of a system error).

Listing Data Bugs Squashed

Some properties on the system in the Vancouver region experienced a glitch in which the year built was not showing up on the property details page. This has been rectified.

There were some irregularities when converting a listing provided by the MLS® network to “my listing”. The frontage/lot depths reverted to 0.00 ft when blank, and our clients had to manually fix it. This has been fixed up. Also, when converting a listing to “my listing”, the photos are imported locally. However, if it’s your own listing, we recommend you delete all those photos and upload your own high-resolution photos. The MLS® system has restrictions on the size & quality of the photos, as well as the quantity.

Photo Gallery Management Page Links to Full Size Photos

When editing the photo gallery of your listings on the back-end, you are now able to open (and download) full resolution images that you have uploaded. This serves as a valuable photo back-up option as well, and gives you access to your high resolution property photos no matter where you are – just log in to the back-end, and download the photos!

Other Updates

These are updates that are not visible to you, but we’ll note them anyway to satisfy your curiosity.

  • jQuery & other javascript libraries upgraded
  • responsive mobile grid framework added to the master website for retrieval
  • PHP version upgraded to 5.3 throughout our servers, and the filebase updated for compatibility

We are committed to keeping up with the trends, the technology, and your taste! If you have any issues, please submit a ticket through our Support Desk!

Note that these upgrades are offered only for monthly subscribed clients. Legacy websites below version 3.5 need a major upgrade – contact our sales team.

New Dashboard for BRIXWORK {real estate} Back-End2012-01-11T01:23:25+00:00

Today marks the release of what is the biggest improvement we’ve had for the BRIXWORK {real estate} Dashboard on the back-end. The traditional dashboard had a table on the # of homes listed by client in each city, which was not found to be too helpful anyway. So we decided to give it a major overhaul, especially with some great features integrated from our recent MLS® Integration update!

The New Dashboard Functions

  1.  The new “Featured Home” section allows you to quickly view a drawer of homes you have set as Featured. You can quickly view the property page, or edit it. If it’s part of a condo/townhome complex, you can quickly go to edit the building page.
  2. The MLS® Search function is an easy way to quickly retrieve any listing by its MLS ID (such as V924164) and then generate a listing page on your own website. Use this feature to share fully branded webpages for any listing you want to show to a potential buyer. The standard sheets are hard to read, with too much excess data – why not simplify it digitally?
  3. The BRIXWORK {real estate} blog feed automatically shows you what’s new. Our blog has a ton of great new updates, feature introductions, user tips, technical hints and more, so why miss out on it? This way you can keep up-to-date at all times.
  4. And of course, our Facebook box is embedded – another source of updates to get quick & live information on what’s going on. If there’s any new features being planned, any surveys for our customers, this is where you will see it.

Other Features To Note

The Buildings section
  1. The Buildings section has been changed a lot. When the integration with the MLS database happens, buildings are auto generated (but without the names of the complex, as the MLS® System does not have a field for this).
  2. When you go into the buildings list, to avoid loading a list of over 3,500 buildings in the system, it only loads that of the first city (in the case of Vancouver, it’s Abbotsford). Then you can use the dropdown to zone into different cities, and even type in street numbers & street names (but skip the street types such as “Street”, “AVE”, or “Cres.”) to find a building you want. Then, you can update the name of the building, or attach features to it.
MLS IDs in your homes
  1. If you have the MLS® Integration option added to your system, your website automatically updates the listing inventory once a day. However, there are two types of inventory in your system – those auto-imported from the MLS System, and those that have been put in yourself as a self-loaded listing.
  2. If you wish to (with permission by the listing agent) convert an MLS® provided listing into your own listing and upload high-resolution photos, full description content and other things (remember that our system is much more robust & flexible than the MLS® system when it comes to freedom of content and quality of photos, as well as linking Youtube video tours), you can do that by going to the “Create Home” screen, and entering the MLS® ID into the MLS field, and follow the prompts to convert the listing over.
  3. If you have already loaded a listing of your own (or a fellow agent’s) on your own listing system, then just make sure you have the right MLS# for that listing. Each night when the data import with MLS runs, it will exclude listings that have the same MLS ID on your own system.

January 8, 2019

What Is The Future Of The Real Estate Market?

It’s hard to predict the real estate market. The last downturn saw 1/3 of Realtors® hang their licenses and walk away. What’s your next move?

Written By Jeff Kee | Marketing & Promotion

January 3, 2019

Hiring – Office Admin & Customer Support Position (Maternity Leave Contract)

We are having a baby! We have a maternity leave position opening up to help with office administration and customer support. This is a great entry point into the industry for those who are eager to learn more about digital marketing & cloud web software!

Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

December 18, 2018

Get Your Branded Holiday Instagram/Facebook Posts Ready!

Its that time of year again! Make sure you have your graphics ready in time for this holiday season. Chose from a selection of beautiful posting templates for your Real Estate Instagram and Facebook pages for your social media presence to truly stand out.

Written By Jeff Kee | Design & Visuals, Social Media & Marketing

December 17, 2018

Listing Presentations & Buyers Guide Booklets Supercharged

You deserve better than generic, mass-produced, templatized listing presentations or buyers guidebooks. Stand out amongst thousands of competing Realtors®!

Written By Jeff Kee | Design & Visuals

November 1, 2018

Open House & Buildings/Presales Search Overhauls on Version 4.45

Our last major upgrade to finalize our move to the AWS cloud has springboarded us for even more enhancements to the Brixwork system, and packs some amazing new features to help our real estate pros gain more business. Learn how helping buyers find suitable listings has never been easier with version 4.45.

Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

October 31, 2018

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Real Estate Listing Gallery Page

Showcasing your listings is one of the most important value you provide as a real estate agent. While the listing gallery systems on our templates are great as they are, our custom designed listing gallery icons have many benefits for your Real Estate business results!

Written By Jeff Kee | Featured Clients

October 19, 2018

Increase Realtor® Website Traffic with this Essential Tool

As the second most used search engine after Google, Youtube offers a variety of opportunities for Realtors® to increase website traffic and generate backlinks to their domain! Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your Youtube Channel with these simple steps.

Written By Jeff Kee | Search Engine Optimization

October 11, 2018

Steady, Solid, Strategized SEO Results in Significant Traffic Growth

With a 34% increase in traffic, our dedicated SEO campaigns helped Vancouver based real estate website improve SEO presence and google search traffic within as little as 3 months

Written By Jeff Kee | Search Engine Optimization

September 18, 2018

We Are Now 100% Running on the Amazon Cloud!

We are excited to announce that as of September 10th 2018, Brixwork has successfully completed the final stages to fully migrate everything to Amazon Web Services. With your real estate website running on the Amazon Cloud, listing pages & assets are loading faster than ever with better reliability

Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates, Technology & Trends

September 11, 2018

MLS® Search By Street Name Now Available!

This has been one of the longest awaited features for a more robust & functional MLS® listing search. Many of you may have noticed this upgrade already on your websites if you are on the Main Street or our newest Fairview templates! Searching by street name is now available.

Written By Jeff Kee | Features & Development

September 10, 2018

Launch of Vancouver Island Real Estate (VIREB) MLS Integration

Brixwork is proud to announce that our premium templates and custom designed website services are now extended to the Vancouver Island area. With VIREB (Vancouver Island Real Estate Board) and VREB (Victoria Real Estate Board) MLS® Reciprocity, our functional real estate websites are available to real estate agents all across Vancouver Island. 

Written By Jeff Kee | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Features & Development

August 7, 2018

Latest Victoria MLS (VREB) MLS Integration Showcase!

Brixwork's premium templates and custom-designed websites can be offered to real estate agents on Vancouver Island! Our real estate websites offer full integration with VREB (Victoria Real Estate Board) and VIREB (Vancouver Island Real Estate Board) MLS® Reciprocity (IDX) feeds. View our latest showcase of Victoria MLS Integration from Logan Wilson Victoria Luxury Group.

Written By Jeff Kee | Featured Clients, Features & Development

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